Best Travel Tips to Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt (For Your First Trip)

sharm el sheikh egypt

Once a small fishing village, today Sharm el-Sheikh is one of the most popular beach resorts in Egypt. It is located in the southern Sinai Peninsula, about 27.56°N and 34.22°E. It is situated amidst scorching tropical desert landscapes. Sharm el-Sheikh is surrounded by desert land on every side. The yellow sands are diversified only by the bare and devoid of vegetation silhouette of Mount Sinai. Sharm el-Sheikh offers incredibly beautiful golden beaches, amazing coral reefs, crystal waters and abundance of sunlight throughout the year. The climate is hot and dry tropical.

sharm el sheikh egyptWinter is very pleasant – warm and clear, resembling the Canary Islands. The daily temperatures are around 21-22°C in January. Here, however, summers are much hotter. The temperature in August reaches to more than 39 – 40°C in the shade!

Sharm el-Sheikh is a veritable desert oasis. Luxury hotels offer high quality service. In some of the magnificent restaurant you can eat delicious baked fish with vegetables amidst Egyptian atmosphere.

Around most of the local hotels and restaurants there are carefully maintained tropical gardens with beautiful flowers, palm trees and shrubs. Along the azure swimming pools there is a large number of deck chairs, which are the best place for laziness.

Around the numerous pools and gardens you can see charming walking paths, which are usually most revived during the cooler afternoon hours. This is Sharm el-Sheikh – one perfect place to visit and enjoy.

The resort can offer you a golf course, tennis courts and many other entertainment opportunities. The greatest adventure one can experience here is to dive among the mind-blowing underwater variety.

Under the mirror surface of the Red Sea you will find hundreds of species of corals and over a thousand species of fish and other sea creatures.

The best time to visit Sharm el-Sheikh is December when the thermometers show about 24 – 25°C. This is a great alternative to spend your Christmas holidays amidst exotic atmosphere, relaxing on the beach.

The weather in March is also perfect – about 25 – 26°C. Keep in mind that summer months are too hot and it is always preferable to travel during the cooler winter months from November to April. The chance of rain in Sharm el-Sheh is equal to a miracle.

If you are planning to visit Sharm el-Sheikh is better to wear the thinnest summer clothes you have. If you are sensitive to low temperatures is better to take your coat or a thin spring jacket, because here nights are often quite cool.

Bring your slippers, sandals and other open shoes. Prepare also a plenty of sunscreen, because it will be very necessary, even if you just want to go for a walk.