Best Travel Tips to London in 2019 (For Your First Trip)

Palace of Westminster

London is the capital of United Kingdom.

It is situated in Western Europe, in the south-east part of UK, on the river Thames.

This is the most powerful economic center in European Union and in the world.

London is called ”the financial capital of Europe”.

But London is one of the three biggest financial centers in the world together by New York and Tokyo.

London is home to 14 million people from all over the world.

On the streets of this metropolis you can find people from Africa, Asia, America, Australia and of course from all parts of the European Union.

Palace of Westminster

London is as colored as New York.

Interesting fact is that the English people leave this incredible city and move to other parts of Europe, usually the Mediterranean.

They do that because they want to live in some sunnier and warmer place.

But the cool climate is not barrier for the foreigners.

They think that London is incredible and they love it.

The climate of London is temperate with mild winter and cool summer.

The daily temperatures in January are between 5 and 10 °C.

The days are usually grey, rainy and windy.

The snowfall is very rare phenomenon.

The summer is cool with daily temperatures around 22 °C.

The night temperatures are 2 °C in January and 14 °C in July.

The Atlantic has very strong influence of the local climate.

Piccadilly Circus

The warm Gulfstream moderate the elements of the climate very strong to make it typical oceanic temperate climate.

There are heavy rains all year around, even in the summer months.

But in fact the climate in London is easy bearable.

The hot and cold weather is not typical for this city.

Interesting fact is that the citizens are dressed in lighter clothes even in cool weather.

The cool and humid climate is excellent for the plants.

London is world famous as the greenest city in the world.

In reality you can’t imagine how many green parks there are on the territory of the city.

river thames

Maybe the most famous in London and everywhere is Hyde Park.

It is situated in one of the best parts of the city.

The park is incredible green.

There is great diversity of plant species.

In this park you can see many idyllic alleys, benches and countless number of flowers.

If you need to be alone, to walk in fresh air, to listen the song of birds or just take sun bath in London you can do it in Hyde Park.

Absolutely sure, the English are the best in park and garden creating.

In the weekend Hyde Park is full of people.

It is a great luck to be found calm place for relax.

The maintenance of the park is perfect.

Hyde Park

When we talk about land marks we have to say something about the city architecture.

In the last few years London can make a boast of its great modern architecture.

Some buildings as Canary wharf and the Gherkin are world famous.

The fashionable skyscrapers, occupies bigger and bigger territories of the city center.

Few years ago on the coast of the river Thames has transform into the European Manhattan.

Of course the city of London is not as big as its American equivalent but the future is promising.

London Skyscraper

The highest building in the city of London is Canary wharf. It is 235m.

This is not so impressive in comparison with the New York skyscrapers, but for London this is just the beginning.

The office area in London is among the most expansive in the world (together by Moscow, New York, Oslo and Tokyo).

The most exciting view to the modern symbols of the city architecture is from Cabot square.

Other strange and beautiful building is the city hall.

The eccentric structure, contrast to the century old buildings.

The city hall looks strange and interesting.

The building is slanting aback.

It has to be seen compulsory.

The gherkin

The Gherkin is a real masterpiece.

It is favourite to the citizens of London.

If you like the panorama view, you have to visit London eye.

This is giant Ferris wheel can give you the chance to see London from above without helicopter or plane.

The Ferris wheel is situated on the coast of river Thames.

But London is world famous not only by its sky scrapers, but with its old buildings.

Big Ben is maybe the most famous clock tower in the world.

This is the visit card of the British capital.

The tower is part of the not less famous building of the UK parliament.

double decker

It is situated on the northern bank of the river Thames.

The biggest part of the landmarks of London, are situated near by the river.

One of them – Tower Bridge– even passes through the river Thames.

The bridge is among the most famous in the world.

It is emblematic for this great city.

The bridge has build in the 19-th century.

Today it is the biggest landmark on the island.

It is not to be missed and the Buckingham Palace.

You can observe the guard changing that is very interesting.

This is compulsory station of the classical London tour.

Tower Bridge

Today in the 21-st century, London is not only among the greatest economic powers in the world, but and world famous center where you can get first class education.

Almost all countries in the world offer English courses in the British capital.

London is home to great number of pop and movie stars.

For example Madonna lived in London few years.

Many other world famous stars followed the example of Madonna.

Canary Wharf

The city is home to great number of millionaires and billionaires.

But this is not surprising.

The city is endless and offers to its citizens countless amusements.

This is the world capital of the shopping.

Maybe you can find everything that is produced in this planet.

Here you can see some of the most luxury stores that offer the best of the best.

The dark side of the city is its criminality.

This is one of the most dangerous cities in the world.

It can be compared to Chicago.

It is not recommended to walk on the streets too late in the evening.

City of London

The criminality is significant despite the fact that London is the city with the biggest number of streets cameras.

Every day, every hour and every minute, every pedestrian is watched.

For example if somebody cast out its fag end, it will be penalized immediately.

But this is absolutely normal.

Can you try to imagine, what will be if everybody cast out his garbage on the street?

Do not forget that London is one of the biggest cities in the European Union.

city hall

If you want to look the best of London and to feel assurance will be better to spend your time in the west end.

This is the richest part of this  incredible city and here is the main part of the landmarks.

If you do a boat trip in Thames you will see the many of the city almost all landmarks together, because everything that is important for the tourists is situated near by the river.

buckingham palace

The city of London and its wild life.

Maybe you think that you will never see wild animals in as great city as London?

This is huge mistake.

In the streets especially in the night you can see foxes and other wild animals that are attracted by the scraps of food, ejected by the people.

The citizens of London are in good terms with the local animals.

You can see squirrels that are fed of the human hand.

And this is perfect example for the harmony between people and nature in one so large and modern city.