Best Travel Tips to Stonehenge, England (For Your First Trip)

stonehenge england

Stonehenge is an amazing prehistoric complex.

It is one of the biggest attractions not only in England, but all over the world.

It was developed between 3000 and 1100 BC.

The monument probably served as an ancient astronomical observatory or as a place to perform rituals, although scientists can not yet say for sure.

What is known is that the stone complex is associated with the summer solstice.

stonehenge england

Stonehenge is located about 3 kilometers from the small town of Amesbury in the county of Wiltshire, about 140 kilometers from the British capital London.

Every year this impressive prehistoric complex attracts more than 800,000 people from all around the world.

Since 1986th Stonehenge is part of UNESCO’s World Heritage.

The complex consists of approximately 90 stones, many of which have already fallen.

The stone blocks are arranged in a circle.

Today the tallest monolith rises to a height of about 6 meters and 80 centimeters.

Stonehenge complex is fenced off and tourist’s access is strictly controlled.

The visitors are not allowed to touch the stones.

The only way to get closer to the rocks of Stonehenge is using the visitor’s trail, which helps visitors to take a closer look at the complex.

However, if tourists are willing to pay a higher price, they can be admitted to the stone circle itself, although physical contact with the stones in this case is also strictly prohibited!