Europe important cultural center

Europe is one of the smaller continents, but is among the most important world factors of contemporary politics and economics.

It is often called „center of the world”.

Today we live in times of unification, but Europe is a leader in this respect.

On this continent now are running unique processes of unification and integration.

Today majority of the European countries form together the European Union, where countries become regions and there are no borders.

The most of the countries members use a common European currency – euro.

Today, Europe is among the most stable and developed parts of the world.

Europe important cultural center

Continent falls into the borders of three climate zones – subtropical, temperate and subpolar, of which the temperate climate occupies the largest area.

Europe is considered to be one of the places with the most favourable climate in the world.

There are no desert areas and most of the continent is very fertile.

Despite the high level of urbanization Europe is home to a wide variety of animal species – bears, wolves, deer, foxes, lynxes, wild cats, rabbits and many others.

Most preserved are the forests located in mountainous areas of the continent.

Because of its unique culture, traditions, climate and natural resources, today Europe is the most visited tourist region in the world.

The most attractive regions are the Mediterranean, the Alps and numerous ancient cities on the continent.