Best Travel Tips to Paris in 2019 (For Your First Trip)

arc de triomphe paris

The French capital Paris is a real masterpiece. Situated among the beautiful landscapes of the valley of the River Seine, the city represents a unique combination of magnificent architecture, beautiful scenery and the most pleasant and mildest temperate climate, you have ever seen. The local culture is emblematic. It has led not one and two poets, singers and writers to use the city as an inspiration in its works.

arc de triomphe parisGeography. Paris is situated in a vast plain of northern France and western Europe about 140 km from the Atlantic Ocean. The different parts of Paris have a different altitude, but it generally ranges from 70 to 100 meters.

The deep navigable river Seine passes through the territory of the city, meandering capriciously, paving its way to the Atlantic.

Paris is the 14th largest site in the world, but to get a real idea how immense this city is you need to take up the Eiffel Tower.

It is quite enough to mention that the city skyline of this cosmopolitan metropolis begins to fade gradually until completely blur somewhere on the horizon.

The outskirts of Paris have relatively flat relief, so if you want to really enjoy the beautiful view it is better to decline of the unsuccessful attempts to find a suburban hill and simply to take up the Eiffel tower or Montparnasse tower for example.

Since Paris is located on an old and massive slab, the earthquakes here are extremely rare, and when this happens are usually mild and go away without damages.

La Grande Arche La DefenseClimate. Paris has the most wonderful temperate climate generated by various factors such as latitude, distance from the Atlantic Ocean, altitude and so on.

Overall, the climate is oceanic, but the fact that the city is situated far away of the ocean coast is also an important factor.

In Paris, there are four seasons – winter, spring, summer and autumn, which gently and seamlessly blend into one another.

The winters are mild and rainy with daytime temperatures of around 7°C in January. The snowfalls are rare. Usually the precipitations are of rain.

The proximity of the Atlantic Ocean does not allow to the temperatures to fall too much. The spring in Paris is amazing.

Sacre Coeur Basilica ParisIt is difficult to imagine something more romantic than walking along the Seine River, when the trees begin to bloom and virescent. During this season, the daily temperatures are moving in the range 15 – 22°C.

The summer is warm and sunny. The maximum of the temperature is in August when the average daily temperature is 25°C. The weather is not as cool as in London, but it is also not as hot as the weather in the Mediterranean.

The autumn is variable and cool, but not cold. The temperatures are mostly between 10 and 20°C.

In September, the weather is still very nice and some days are over 20°C but the temperatures usually fall quickly and in the mid-December the daily average are around 8°C.

concord squarePopulation. The French capital has a population of 12.1 million residents and is considered to be the 14th largest city in the world.

This cosmopolitan metropolis is home to people from all around the world and from all ethnic groups. They are attracted here on various occasions and in different periods of time.

Some people come here to teach and others – to work. There are people, who come to Paris just to unlock their creative inspiration – musicians, artists, actors and as a whole – artists.

Here you can meet many immigrants, who have arrived here from current and former French possessions from all over the world, including Africa (Algeria, Morocco), the Caribbean, South Pacific and others.

the river seineIt should be noted that Paris is one of very few places in the world where the English is absolutely not enough if you’ve decided to live permanently in the country.

If you do not speak French language, the people can be tolerant only if you’re a tourist. In all other situations will be extremely difficult to deal with the everyday situations.

In many places you will find information that in France about 85% of the population are ethnic Frenchmen, but in Paris the truth is quite different.

This is one of the most cosmopolitan cities and walking on the main streets you will find people from around the world.

Today it is very difficult to calculate what is percentage of the Frenchmen in Paris, because most of the local population already mingled with people from other countries.

Moreover, fertility among the foreigners is higher than that among the Frenchmen.

Economy. Paris is among the most important financial centers in the world. Larger economies are only cities such as New York, London, Tokyo and Hong Kong.

Recently, Paris openly declared its ambition in the years to become the largest financial center in the world.

Following the example of the British capital London. A quick tour in the city of Paris is absolutely enough to show you that the modern city architecture in Paris more impressive than at any other place in Europe.

For London this is not good news. The British capital had just pinch the palm of the leadership of New York City and now another city is on the way to snatch out the leadership of it.

la défense parisVery important is the fact that the French economy remains protected from the major disturbances during the global financial crisis, which is described as the largest since the Great Depression.

Paris economy is highly developed. The city has strongly developed services sector. Paris is the most visited tourist city in the world. Here are developing different types of tourism.

The city is particularly attractive for congress, cultural and other types of tourism. Education is at global level. Here is one of the most prestigious universities worldwide – The Sorbonne.

This is among the cities with the most developed and modern health care. The city has a highly developed food industry.

Paris produces world class textile and clothes from leading brands. It is known as the world fashion capital.

Sightseeing in Paris

eiffel tower– Eiffel Tower. It is a symbol of the European culture. It represents the European genius and achievements. It is the most famous structure in the world that has visited by more than 200 000 000 people.

It was built for the World Exhibition in 1889. With its height of 324 meters, the tower was the highest building in the world before 1930, i.e. whole 41 years. In 1940 Paris was occupied by Nazi Germany and Adolf Hitler, who has heard many times about the beauty of the tower, asked to see it.

Arriving, he wanted to get on the top, but the Frenchmen was relentless to the end and they cut the cables of the elevator and he was forced to climb to the top if he wants to see Paris from above.

– Arc de Triomphe. Arc de Triomphe is fully completed in 1836 and is dedicated to the triumph of France as one of the greatest imperial powers in the 18 and 19 century.

It is the second most important monument in the French capital. It  rises impressive in the middle of Charles de Gaulle Square at an altitude of 50 meters.

moulin rouge– Louvre. Regarded as the most famous museum in the world, the Louvre is located in the building of the former royal palace. The building was built in 1190 by Philip the second.

The purpose of this beautiful fortress was to protect Paris from the Vikings. The castle became a museum on the 10th of August 1793.

Now here are kept extremely valuable masterpieces of French and world art and culture, such as the Mona Lisa, painted in the 16th century by Leonardo da Vinci.

the louvre– Champs Elysees. This is the most famous boulevard of the old continent and Europe’s and world‘s  most expensive shopping street.

Here along the shiny windows of the most expensive shops are walking fashion icons, Hollywood celebrities, rich people from around the world, and those Parisians who simply enjoy to their magnificent City. The name means Elysée hills.

– Palace of Versailles. Versailles Palace is a World Heritage by UNESCO. It is considered to be one of the most beautiful palaces in the world.

It has been used for a residence of the French kings. The most famous inhabitant of the Palace of Versailles is the Sun King – Louis 14th.

The palace is located in the suburb of Versailles, south of the pulsing life of this vibrant metropolis. The palace includes huge gardens where the Sun King have loved to walk.

panoramic view above paris-The Sorbonne. The Sorbonne is one of the elitist universities in the world. It consists of 13 faculties, all located in the heart of the French capital, not far from the Luxembourg gardens. It is one of the oldest universities in the world.

– Montparnasse Tower. Montparnasse Tower is a skyscraper that has built in the middle of the romantic old part of Paris. The building rises to a height of 210 meters. It is the highest skyscraper in Paris.

montparnasse towerShortly after the tower was finished in 1972, has been decided  to prohibit the building of such tall structures in the central parts of Paris and for this reason are used the lands of the outskirts of the city.

So Montparnasse remained the only skyscraper in central parts of Paris. Some critics say that the building violates the ancient silhouette of the city, but can not be denied and the fact that it is very beautiful and in the night from the top of the skyscraper reveals unbelievable view to the most beautiful city on our planet.

paris from eiffel tower– The Parisian Blessed Virgin Mary. The Parisian Blessed Virgin Mary, known by the name Notardam de Paris is one of the most beautiful cathedrals in the world and it was under construction almost two centuries.

It was completed in 1345. The towers of the cathedral rise 69 meters. In one of the towers is located 15-ton bell. The cathedral was built in Gothic style. In 1804 here was crowned Napoleon Bonaparte.

paris castillo– Sacre-Coeur Basilica. Completed in 1910, Sacre-Coeur Basilica is said to be among the new monuments of architecture and culture of the French capital.

The height of the church is approximately 100 meters. The building was built in Roman-Byzantine style. The bright colours and shades in the Basilica make it look bright and welcoming.

– Tyuileri gardens (Tuilerie). You can not miss them, because they are located right in front of the Louvre and if you visit it, you can not miss them.

Interesting here is that the gardens are much more sophisticated than green. The trees are not so much, but at the expense of these are perfectly shaped and cropped.

The same holds true in respect of the bushes, not to mention the colourful carpet of flowers. In these gardens you can find an amazing symmetry and trimness  – more than any other garden or park in Paris.

notre dame– Moulin Rouge. In French means “red mill”. This is the most famous overnight cabaret in the world, which opened its doors in 1889.

The place of amusement is known for its dance kan-kan. The place is a real classic. Here have been sung Edith Piaf, Frank Sinatra and Liza Minnelli. Today it is one of the biggest attractions in Paris.

– Concorde Square. Just to the Tyuileri (Tuilerie) gardens and to the Louvre, on the bank of the Seine River is the largest Parisian Square – Concord.

It is known for its Egyptian obelisk, 23 meters high.

Here is the place where have been beheaded Louis 14th and Marie Antoinette, known by the words that she sad when the Parisians have no bread to eat:”Why don’t they eat pastry?”. Later, because of these words Marie Antoinette lost her head.

La Grande Arche La Defense Paris– La Defans. This is the main shopping and business center of Paris and France. Here there is the largest concentration of skyscrapers in Europe.

All skyscrapers are very fine and elegant buildings of glass and steel. The local skyscrapers are not the highest in Europe, but in contrast, one of the most attractive in design and are in perfect harmony with the ancient architectural profile of Paris.

One of the jewels of La Defans is the Grand Arc – unique construction, 110 meters high.

– River Seine. Seine River is the soul of Paris. In this cosmopolitan city everything is strongly connected with the river. Here are concentrated the majority of the urban attractions.

This is why around the 250th year before Christ, the Celtic tribe Parisi chose this place to the foundations of the most beautiful and impressive city that Old Europe has ever seen.

the architecture of paris– Elysee Palace. This is the official residence of the president of France. The building was built in 1722 in French classical style.

It is located near the famous Avenue des Champs Élysées. Today on the territory of the city, during the 18th century the Elysee Palace represented luxury suburban residence.

Élysée Palace is used as the residence of the head of the state of France since 1873 with the beginning of the third French Republic.

The best time for tourism in Paris. The French capital will enchant you with its magic through all four seasons. Here, the life is vibrant 12 months a year.

The mild temperate climate allows the city to visit all year round without being too warm or cold.

However, from May to August you can enjoy the great time and these are the months during which Paris is the most attractive and romantic – when it is blooms, it is all covered with fresh greenery and the gardens are covered with gorgeous flowers.

If you planned to travel to Paris in May, the light spring clothes are most appropriate. For June, July and August – summer clothes, but just in case you can take something warmer, as sometimes can fall rains that make the weather to be cool even in the summer heat.