Eiffel Tower, Paris

eiffel tower paris

Eiffel Tower is the most famous structure in the world. It surpasses all the other popular modern architectural works. It is enough new to belong to the modern attractions, but yet old enough to be well known to everyone. Eiffel Tower is a symbol of Europe. If you ask people in America, Japan or Australia what they imagine when they hear the word “Europe”, probably in the minds of most people would emerged the Eiffel Tower. Today it is an integral part of the silhouette of the most sophisticated and chic city – Paris.

eiffel tower parisThe most famous structure in the world was completed for nearly two years. It is created for the World Expo in 1889.

An interesting fact is that originally it was conceived as a temporary building which had to be removed after 20 years. Needless to say that today this is seen as a curious and ludicrous fact from the past.

Quite attractive is also and its location. It stands proudly in the heart of the beautiful French capital. It reaches a height of 321m and until 1929 is the highest structure in the world. The tower offers the most beautiful view of Paris.

Today the Eiffel Tower is not only the most popular, but also the most photographed on the planet. Each year, the visitors from all over the world make millions of photos.

Let’s don’t forget that Paris is the most visited city in the world and about 6 million are only the people who usually pick up the tower! The lucky may even visit one of its restaurants.

Interesting fact is that although the Eiffel Tower doesn’t seem to be different from the times it was constructed in fact it has undergone a great number of reconstructions, replacement of components, updates and modernizations.

Needless is to say, that the safety measures have changed much since its completion in the late 19th century.