Best Travel Tips to St Tropez, France (in 2019)

buildings on the coast of saint tropez

Saint Tropez is a small and very charming town on the coast of the French Riviera. It is located about 78 kilometers as a crow flies from Monaco, 40 km away from Cannes, 68 km from Nice and approximately 62 km from Toulon. The westerns spurs of the Alps and the Massif Central of France protect the small tourist town from the cold north winds during the winter months. Because of this reason here growth incredible diversity of exotic Mediterranean trees, shrubs and flowers. The population of the small Mediterranean town does not exceed 6000 inhabitants, but without doubt this is the hottest spot along the Mediterranean coast in the summer.

beach in saint tropez
Beach in Saint Tropez by Vinicius Pinheiro

The star of Saint Tropez rises in the far 1964th thanks to the world famous movie of few parts – „Le gendarme de Saint-Tropez”.

Then the world reveal for the first time the romantic side of the Mediterranean for which everybody from all over the world begins to yearn. Yachts, luxury cars and villas beautiful girls with attractive suntan, well-off gentleman, white beaches, exotic plants and a lot of sunshine.

It is very difficult to be found other place on the planet, which more clearly to show how the rich people live, fun and rest.

buildings on the coast of saint tropezSaint Tropez posses really incredible magnetism. The buildings in the Old Town radiate traditionalism and refined style.

The facades of the structures are all painted in beige, pink or cream nuances. The streets are too narrow and the passing by car through the biggest part of them is absolutely impossible.

The local moving into the town mainly by small motor bikes. The streets of Saint Tropez are full of walking tourist, but the vehicles are very few.

In every side walk in the town you can find some nice restaurant or café. Everything just seems impeccable. The walk along the shady streets (the foliage is abundant) is complemented by the specific behaviour and mentality of the local people.

French rivieraThe residents of Saint Tropez are serious people, proud and self-confident. They at least do not care who of the celebrities are in their town and how rich are they.

For the residents of Saint Tropez is at least is sign of bad manners and illiberal to push the nose into the foreign lives. This is one of the reasons because of which the rich people love Saint Tropez so many decades.

And not to Manton how calm and secure feel the people while they walk around the streets of the town. The likelihood to be assaulted and robbed here is less than in any other place on the planet.

Perhaps the most significant landmarks of Saint Tropez are the citadel and of course the building of the gendarmerie.

And this is not wonder. Namely the building of the gendarmerie “participates” as a décor in the cult film „Le gendarme de Saint-Tropez”.

yachts around the coast of Saint TropezSituated in the “hearth” of Azure Coast, the charming and green town enjoys to a blessed climate – subtropical – Mediterranean. The summers are long and very warm.

The summer season lasts from May to October. In the summer season the daily temperatures are ever more than 20 °C.

In July and August the daily temperatures are usually more than 30 °C. The winter lasts from November to April. The days are coldest in January – between 10 and 15 °C (usually 12 °C).

View from the Citadelle
View from the Citadelle by John M

The climate is really very nice and mild. It should be noted that the annual amplitude is not very significant – about 15 degrees between the coldest and the warmest month.

Because of the influence of the Mediterranean Sea the summers are never too hot and the winters are mild and wet.

The main part of the precipitation fall in November (similar to the biggest part of the Mediterranean). There is a plenty of warm and sunny days all year around.

seaside saint tropez
Seaside Saint Tropez by Aleksej

In the area of Saint Tropez the villas are large and the swimming pools are huge! Everything remains for luxury and extravagance. The piece and quiet are everywhere.

There is not strong noises similar to the large cities. You can hear only the song of birds and crickets.

The air is fresh, the sea water is clean and transparent, and the sunsets are magical, especially if you are in a yacht in the bay and watch the coloured in red sun, while it hides behind the forested hills above Saint Tropez.