Best Travel Tips to French Polynesia (For Your First Trip)

pearl farm french polynesia

French Polynesia is real paradise on the Earth.

This archipelago has warm and wet tropical climate.

The daily temperatures on the islands are between 26 and 29 °C all year around.

The night temperatures are 19 – 21 °C.

The weather is perfect for water sports, diving and sunbathing on the beach from January to December.

The precipitations are significant, but usually are short and intensive.

pearl farm french polynesia
Pearl farm by clesenne

The winter is sunnier and drier then the summer, but the difference is slightly.

The archipelago is perfect for tourism in every month and every season.

The magic atmosphere on the island can make you forget everything.

The sand is snow – white, the water in the coral lagoon is crystal clear and limpid.

The coco palms are swaying by the light breeze.

This is a real peace of the paradise on the earth.

Windsong cruise ship in Cook's Bay, Moorea
Windsong cruise ship in Cook’s Bay, Moorea by Marty B

Five islands groups form this archipelago – Tuamotus, Marquesas, Gambier Islands, Tubules and of course the most famous – Society Islands.

Tahiti, Moorea, Bora-Bora, Raiatea, Tahaa, Huahine, Tupai, Maupiti and so on are only part of the islands, that form one of the most beautiful parts of the archipelago (Society Islands).

The administrative center – Papeete – is situated on the island of Tahiti.

Pearl Beach Resort and Spa, Bora Bora
Pearl Beach Resort & Spa, Bora Bora by Olivier Bruchez

This is maybe the most expensive tourist destination in the world.

Very few people can afford to visit this paradise.

The main reason is the great distance of Europe and North America (the main tourist markets).

What can you see in French Polynesia? First and foremost you can find tranquillity.

The air is absolutely clean.

The beaches are snow – white.

The coco palms keep nice shadow on the paradise beaches.

Intercontinental Hotel Tahiti
Intercontinental Hotel Tahiti by Michael R Perry

The water is limpid. It is perfect for divers.

The coral reef could not be described. They are unbelievable palette of colors and forms.

Of course, you could not stay 24 hours on the beach.

Because of this reason you have to know that French Polynesia is not only white beaches and coco palms.

Here you can find tropical rainforest with amazing inhabitants, most of them birds.

the palm forest of vahine island
The palm forest of Vahine Island by Paolo Gamba

The biggest part of the islands, are former volcanoes, extinct a long time ago.

In the course of time the volcanoes have sunk into the sea.

Today on the ocean surface you can sea only “rings” of coral reefs, covered by sand and lush greenness.

That type of island, are named atolls.

Atoll of Rangiroa French Polynesia
Atoll of Rangiroa, French Polynesia by dany13

Of course you can find also islands that are not atolls.

They are younger and posses high volcanic mountains.

The highest parts of the islands are usually covered by rain clouds. The precipitations are significant.

The biggest city Papeete is a modern and beautiful city with clean streets, nice buildings and good infrastructure.

It is connected by ferry and air plane links by the most of the islands.