Best Travel Tips to Bora-Bora, French Polynesia (For Your First Trip)

bora bora is the best place for relax

Bora-Bora is considered to be the most romantic and paradise place in the world.

It has such beautiful sceneries that the visitors are usually strongly amazed when they see this island for the first time.

There are, with no doubt, the most beautiful beaches on the planet.

In the case of Bora Bora, the nature has created a unique masterpiece.

When to Visit Bora-Bora?

bora bora is the best place for relax
The best time to travel to Bora-Bora is whenever you have the opportunity, because the local climate is superb.

However, from May to October the weather is a little drier and sunnier.

On the island of Bora-Bora there are not hurricanes, since the island is far from the path of hurricanes, raging into the southern Pacific Ocean.


boats into the lagoon of bora bora
Bora-Bora falls into the tropical climate zone and the summer lasts 12 months a year.

The temperatures in Bora Bora during the day range from 29°C in August to about 31-32°C in March.

The night temperatures are 23 – 24°C throughout the year.

The climate is humid all year round, but winter months from May to October are drier.

Most insignificant are the rainfalls during August (60 mm) and most abundant – in December and January (to about 250 – 300 mm).

When it rains, however, the rainfall is usually brief and intense, and soon the sun once again pushing its rays through the clouds.

Things to Do in Bora-Bora

villas for tourists into the lagoon of bora bora
The economy of Bora-Bora relies strongly on the tourism.

This sector managed to provide very good standard of living of local populations.

Bora-Bora is renowned resort island and the visitors that come here are mainly people with a high standard of living.

On the one hand the trip to Bora-Bora is expensive because of the transport, since this island is one of the most detached and remote corners of the planet.

On the other hand here the accommodation is very high.

Here, the guests stay in small Tahitian houses, surrounded by the waters of the lagoon.

To the houses man can reach by a small quay.

The roofs of the houses are covered with cane and are quite traditional at first sight.

But after the authentic facade the guests discover an exclusive luxury es regards to the accommodation.


bora bora french polynesia
Bora Bora is an ex-volcanic island. The extinct volcanic island began to sink below the above the sea level.

Around the peak often form clouds, which give a subtle mystery of the surrounding environment.

In this part of the island lives the majority of the population of Bora-Bora.

The other part of the island has a ring shape and flat topography.

It surrounds the central part and so the two parts of the island (central mountainous and peripheral ring) has formed the most beautiful lagoon in the world.

The waters are incredibly transparent and the colorful coral are visible below the surface.

This ring is the part of the island that welcomes the tourists coming from all over the world because of the magic scenery.

All Bora-Bora Island is covered with dense tropical vegetation.

Trees, flowers and of course coconut palms which turn the island in a classic landscape of the postcard.


bora bora from above
Bora-Bora is a former volcanic island.

It is situated in the waters of the South Pacific.

It occupies 16° south latitude and 151° west longitude.

The capital of French Polynesia – Papeete – is located about 250 kilometers southeast from here.

Although in the Western Hemisphere, Bora-Bora is actually located much closer to Australia and Asia than in North and South America.

The territory of the island amounts to about 29 square kilometers.

Population and Settlements

romantic evening on the ocean coast of bora bora
The population of Bora Bora is around 9000 people.

It is distributed in urban centers Vaitape, Faanui and Nunue.

Because of the mountainous terrain of the island, the population lives mainly into the coastal areas.

Much of the population consists of Americans, although as part of French Polynesia, Bora-Bora belongs to France.

The island was a U.S. base, but when it was closed in 1946, most of the Americans remain here permanently, because they really have been fascinated by the unimaginable beauty of local nature.