Best Travel Tips to Antipaxos, Greece [in 2019]

antipaxos paradise greece

Antipaxos is a small island with an area of only 5 square kilometers. It is located amidst the waters of the Ionian Sea, about 20 kilometers southwest of the town of Parga and only two kilometers southeast from its larger northern neighbor – the island of Paxos. Antipaxos is a paradise on earth, and the tourists who come here often compare the beauty of its beaches with Thailand or the Virgin Islands on the Caribbean. Snow white sand and turquoise waters act as a magnet for lovers of swimming and diving. Beaches are numerous and for the most part are very small and charming.

antipaxos paradise greeceNot far from the coast you can see a large number of small boats or luxury yachts, whose number increases in the height of summer.

But the coast of the island is not the only beauty here. Antipaxos is covered with lush vegetation, which is a typical feature of the west coast of Greece.

At the heart of Antipaxos there is a little village of the same name. Here lives the entire population of the island, which amounts to less than 70 people.

Though Antipaxos boast some of the most fascinating beaches, this place is very secluded and quiet.

The reason is very simple – there are no large hotels and restaurants on the island, and most visitors arrive by boats just for a while before to leave again. Another smaller part of the visitors prefer to sleep in tents and enjoy the solitude.

If you still really want to eat here, the island has one or two charming restaurants. While relaxing under the pleasant shade of vines and trees, you can enjoy the fabulous scenery with a tasty portion of fish.

Antipaxos has subtropical Mediterranean climate. Beach season lasts from May to October. Temperatures are usually around 24 – 25°C in May, about 28°C in June and September and between 30 and 32°C in July and August.

October is also a pleasant month with temperatures of around 22 – 24°C, and the sea is still quite warm and nice for swimming.

April and November are usually cool with temperatures between 18 and 20°C. In some warmer years there are warm beach days even in April but that’s not guaranteed.

From December to March temperatures are typical for the region – about 13 – 15°C. Although autumn sea is warmer, spring offers generally more pleasant sunny and dry weather, so it’s more enjoyable season than autumn.