Best Travel Tips to Gavdos [For Your First Trip]

Gavdos near by Crete Greece

Gavdos is the southernmost island of Greece. It is known as the island of the nymph Calypso. In the longest part the island is more than 10km long (from northwest to southeast). It is located about 35km south of the southwest coast of Crete. It reaches a height of about 360m. The island is mostly rocky. The south and southwest part of the island is the highest. Lacking dense vegetation. Because of the local hot and dry climate here can be seen only some modest species that are adapted to the local hard conditions. Predominate mainly conifers and shrubs. Gavdos is almost uninhabited. Here live not more than one hundred people.

Gavdos near by Crete GreeceThe biggest part of the people that you can find here, come from Crete by ferry mainly during the summer tourist season. Except to the tourist industry the locals rely mainly to the agriculture.

The crops are grown mainly in the northern part of Gavdos, because the relief is appropriate. The livestock production of the island is very low. There is only a limited number of goats.

The island has beautiful beaches – some of them sandy and other – stony. Gavdos was built by limestone and because of this reason the beaches and landscapes are painted in beige and yellow nuance. Everywhere prevail light and soft hues.

Climate of Gavdos. The climate of Gavdos is very hot subtropical – Mediterranean. The summers are long, dry and hot. You can feel the whiff of northern Africa.

The rainfall is insignificant and fall mainly during the short and mild winter. The hottest month of the year is August. The average daily temperatures are about 32°C, but often the temperatures can reach more than 40°C.

The coldest month is February. In this month the average daily temperatures approaching 17°C. From the late April to the early October there is not more than 5 – 10 rainy days. The driest month is July.

Gavdos is suitable for visitors that wish to find some solitude and want to spend some time among the quietness of the nature. The air is fresh, the sea – clean, and the landscapes are waste.

As a destination Gavdos is not suitable for people who want fun and entertainment. The ideal way to spend your time in Gavdos is to pitch your tent and to enjoy the piece. But don’t forget to stock some food and water in advance.