Best Travel Tips to Sani Resort [Greece]

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Sani Resort is a luxurious resort located on the Kassandra peninsula, Greece. Kassandra is part of the larger and well known peninsula of Halkidiki, which is world famous for its exceptionally beautiful beaches. Overall nature was very generous to this place and today it is considered to be one of the best holiday destinations in Europe. Gentle nuances of the light and fine sand on the beach in combination with extremely limpid and clean sea waters makes Sani Resort an excellent place for sunbathing, swimming, diving or any other type of maritime entertainment.

halkidiki greeceThis area is very rich in plant species. Dominate plants which are typical of the Mediterranean, but there are also many species that can be found in temperate latitudes.

Here thrive various kinds of palms, flowers and subtropical shrubs as well as deciduous species typical of northern countries.

Climate of Sani Resort. The local climate is superb and this is one of the reasons for the development of local tourism. Here summers are long and very warm and winters – relatively short and mild.

The tourist season lasts from May to October, although the weather at the end of the period is different in different years.

Sometimes October is very warm and pleasant with excellent conditions for sunbathing, but in other years can happen to be more cloudy and rainy and it could frustrate the plans of holidaymakers.

Summers here are with very pleasant temperatures in comparison to other southern Mediterranean destinations. Here temperatures are highest in August, reaching about 30 °C.

Winter lasts in December to February and is quite soft – usually about 10°C. The rainiest month is December.

Accommodation in Sani Resort. This resort has the reputation to be one of the most luxurious in the Mediterranean. The hotels are excellent and the quality of service is very high.

Sani Resort has a marina which is conveniently located amidst the resort itself. One of the advantages of the Sani Resort is that there is limited capacity with respect to the number of tourists.

Therefore beaches always have enough space without being overcrowded, and tourists have the opportunity to enjoy their stay without being permanently amidst crowds.

There are different opportunities for accommodation – you could stay in a 5 star hotel but you can stay also in a luxury villa that is equipped with all necessary amenities for a perfect holiday.

Entertainment for the guests of Sani Resort. For the guests of this luxury resort has a huge variety of entertainment options. We have to begin with the fact that Thessalonica, which is the second largest and important city in Greece, is located about an hour drive from here.

You have to visit also and monasteries of Holly Mountain, because it is located within the borders of Halkidiki. Great attractions are the numerous offers for a day trip by boat in the vicinity of Sani Resort.

We have to mention also that Mount Olympus is just a short distance away from Cassandra. And all these are places you can visit only during the day, without spending the night elsewhere.

The resort itself, of course, also offers many opportunities for entertainment. For tourists could be organized also great variety of water sports, yoga lessons, can be observed and studied also local crafts or could be organized a excursion in the mountains.

The area is wonderful for bicycling as the local environment is very clean and intact.

When is the best time for tourism in Sani Resort? It is preferable to select the months of May and June, because then the temperatures are most pleasant.

July and August are warmer and there is larger number of tourists (although not too large crowds).

September offers the best conditions, because then the weather is perfect and October is always a little suspicious because the weather is variable and although some days are really wonderful, other could be rainy and cloudy.

What clothes to wear in Sani Resort? For the period from early May to late September summer clothes are adequate. For October and April, a thin spring jacket is enough.

And if you go to Halkidiki in the period from November to March you have to wear winter clothes, although the degrees very rarely fall about or below freezing.