Best Travel Tips to Capri, Italy (For Your First Trip)

panoramic view from capri to italy

Capri is one of the most beautiful and fascinating Italian islands. It is a paradise not only for those who visit it, but also for its residents. The island has an impressive skyline and lush, green Mediterranean vegetation. Between the steep cliffs of the shore, here and there you can find small, but extremely beautiful beaches, which are mostly covered with small, oval pebbles. And everything is located immediately to the coast of mainland Italy.

panoramic view from capri to italyGeographical position. Capri is a small Italian island, situated amidst the waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea. It is located at the south end of Naples Bay, about 5 kilometers from the coast of Italy.

Its coordinates are 40 degrees north latitude and 14 degrees east longitude. The two most distant points of Capri are located at a distance of just 6 kilometers, and at its narrowest part the island is only about 1 kilometer in width.

Capri is very small and easy can be crossed by walking without any problem and without any means of transport.

Relief. Capri has very scenic mountainous terrain. Despite its small territory, the highest part of the island rises to 586 meters. It is called Monte Solaro.

It is located in the central parts of the island and is a big challenge to get to the top. The highest point, however, offers an incredible view over the island, and you can feel as you hold the island in your hands!

capri amazing landscapesClimate. Capri has a hot, subtropical Mediterranean climate. From early May to late October, the weather is perfect for  beach. This is the summer season.

The hottest month is August, when the daytime temperatures are not less than 29°C. The summer is the driest season. This is especially valid for the month of July, when accounting for only about 20 millimeters of rain throughout the month.

The autumn is short. Only covers the month of November. Then the temperature decreased rapidly and the weather is very changeable.

It ranges from 15 to 20 degrees and the rainfall reaches its maximum of about 160 millimeters.

The winter lasts from early December to late February. The daily temperatures are around 12 -13°C over the entire period, but the rainfall begins to decline.

The spring is slightly longer, drier and sunny than the autumn, but the temperatures are the same – between 15 and 20 degrees. It lasts two months – March and April.

mediterranean paradise capriNature. Capri is very picturesque. It is covered with dense subtropical-Mediterranean vegetation. The island is green throughout the year.

The majority of the vegetation is coniferous. There are some types of cactuses. The coastline is rocky. The beaches are covered with small oval pebbles.

Therefore, the sea water is very clear and transparent. The view is most impressive, when on the beach the sun is shining, and the higher parts of the island are covered with clouds.

One of the greatest natural attractions is the Blue Cave (Blu Grotto). This rock formation is located on the northwest coast of Capri.

The cave is connected with the sea through the entrance, which is large enough for a tourist boat to pass through it.

Many luxury yachts anchor near the shore of Capri during the summer. The reason is that the beauty of the island is best viewed from the sea.

monte solaro capriHistory. Most remarkable in the history of this paradise island is that it was a favourite place for the Roman emperors. One of the first to appreciate the beauty of Capri was the Emperor August.

Capri has been the home of Emperor Tiberius and his grand nephew – Caligula. Here is one of the best preserved Roman villas in Europe – Villa Jovis. It was built by the Emperor Tiberius.

Economy. Capri is a small island, but its economy is very well developed, since it is visited by large numbers of wealthy tourists.

The island is also known among Hollywood stars and celebrities, many of whom spend their summer vacations here, on their luxury yachts.

panoramic view to the mediterraneanOne of the advantages of this beautiful island is that it is located close to Naples and big part of the city guests come here for a brief tour.

Capri is one of the richest and with highest life standard islands in the Mediterranean Sea.

Population. The population of Capri is about 13 000 people. It is concentrated in the lowlands of the island, mainly at the western and north-eastern part of the island.

The population of the island is consist of well-off Italians and other nationalities. There are also some celebrities.