Best Travel Tips to Jamaica in 2019 (For Your First Trip)

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Jamaica is beautiful and poor island country.

It is located in North America, amidst the warm waters of the Caribbean Sea.

It is a part of the Great Antilles, which are a group of islands in the northern part of the Caribbean.

Cuba, Haiti and the Cayman Islands are the nearest to Jamaica countries.

The distance to Cuba is the least – around 145km.

Another interesting feature of the location of this beautiful and attractive island is that Jamaica is situated just on the way of the hurricanes and it quite often become a victim to the powerful tropical storms, which are vortices in this part of the world from April to November.


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The climate of Jamaica is tropical – passat with significant rainfalls during the summer semester, especially during the spring and autumn. The winter is drier.

The summer is a part of the rainy season, but there is a temporary decline of the rainfalls.

The humidity is high all year around.

The temperatures vary extremely weak.

The average daily temperatures from April to November are constant – about 31°C.

From December to March the temperatures are 2 degrees lower – about 29°C.

It is difficult to be determined the coldest or the hottest month.

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But even if the difference between the summer and winter temperatures to be insignificant, the difference of the sun shining can be felt.

In the summer the sun rays are stronger and more dangerous.

As a whole the conditions are better in the winter.

This is the peak season for the tourist industry.

This season is preferable for visitors coming from the temperate latitudes, especially from Europe and North America.

Things to Do in Jamaica

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Jamaica is a real magnet for the tourists, with its incredible beautiful typical Caribbean beaches with snow-white fine sand.

The huge waves break with a bang into the coral reefs, not far from the shore.

Because of this reason the lagoon between the beach and the reef is calm and transparent as a swimming pool.

In this lagoon you can find hundreds amazing exotic species.

The majority of the visitors prefer to dive under the water with a snorkel, because to see the vibrant life, but there are also people who prefer to stay on the sand, searching the shadow of the coco palms with a cocktail in hand served just in the coconut shell.

All around you can see lavish and lush tropical vegetation.

There are thousand of species – flowers, palms, trees, shrubs and amazing variety of tropical birds.

In this island the visitors from Europe, North America, Japan, Russia and other countries from the temperate latitudes will find nature, completely unknown for them.

Talking about the high level of the crime, we have to say that this don’t relevant to the resorts.

The security in the resort complexes does not allow to appear even the least danger to the visitors.


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The culture of Jamaica is interesting and often associated with the local music art.

In this island on the 6th of February 1945 was born one of the biggest luminaries of the modern music and the father of reggae music – Bob Marley.

In the 60-ies of the 20th century he obtained international fame with his music and become an emblem of Jamaica.

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The rhythm of the reggae in reality is in keeping with the rhythm of Jamaica.

Here, where the sun is strong, the days – hot and the heat  in combination with the high humidity make even the slightest effort to be difficult, the busy lifestyle is something unusual even for one so large city like Kingston.


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The relief of the country is mountainous.

The biggest part of the territory of the country is occupied by mountains and plateaus.

The highest peak of the country is located in the Blue Mountains.

Its name is “Blue Mountain” and is 2256 meters high.

This is the highest peak on the Caribbean Islands.

The coast of the island is occupied by fertile valleys, covered by lush, green tropical vegetation.

The mountains give rise to numerous sources, many of which turn into rivers.

As a whole, Jamaica has very large water resources, especially for one not so big island.

The island occupies an area of 10

From the east to the west end the island is not more than 234km long.


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The population of Jamaica is consist mainly of black people.

The official language is English.

The country is an independent state in the British community.

The population of the island is around 2 800 000 people, most of whom live in the capital Kingston.

Located in the southern coast of Jamaica, it is home to about 1 000 000 people i.e. more than 1/3 of the population.

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Kingston is the largest educational and cultural center.

As a whole, the city is very attractive.

For almost everyone the city is beautiful and attractive.

However it is not advisable to get around without experienced guide, as in many places is not suitable for tourists.

Here, more than in any other place in Jamaica a man must be careful, because the chance to meets dangerous criminals is large.


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The economy of Jamaica relies mainly to the export of allspice, sugar, aluminium, exotic fruits and, of course, to the large number of the arriving tourists (about 2 000 000 per year).

Jamaica is known also by its production of coffee, liqueur, chocolate and, of course, the world famous rum, which is used not only for direct consummation, but also in the confectionery industry.

However, Jamaica is yet poor country with low living standard and many poor districts in the cities – ghettos. The life in these poor districts can be very hard.

Unemployment is very high, the crime – even more, and the chances are not very big even for those who work, because this often do not mean that the person will be able to meet the costs.

Jamaica get into the group of the developing countries.

Very often as a main contributor for the poorness and poverty in Jamaica is blamed the hot and humid climate.

It is alleged that in similar climate conditions the working capacity greatly reduced.

Indeed, if you have the chance to visit this tropical paradise, you will find that the climate affects you very strange – you can think only about relax and laziness.

How else to explain that a country with such natural assets may have economic difficulties.