Best Travel Tips to Cominito, Malta in 2019 (For Your First Trip)

cominito malta

Cominito is the fourth largest island in Malta.

It is located between the islands of Malta and Gozo, less than 200 meters off the west coast of the bigger island of Comino.

It occupies an area of only 0.25 square kilometers.

Except for some species of Mediterranean shrubs and herbaceous plants, Cominito is almost devoid of vegetation, dry, hot, and rocky.

Though too small and totally unpopulated, the island of Cominito is a popular tourist attraction.

cominito malta
Cominito, Malta by Berit Watkin

Along the east coast of the island you will find the popular Blue Lagoon that extends all the way to the neighboring island of Comino.

Every day during the summer season it attracts thousands of visitors.

Despite of the numerous tourists that visit the lagoon, Cominito remains usually a little more relaxed and isolated in comparison with the neighboring island of Comino.

In the calm waters off the coast of Cominito, however, there are usually dozens of boats and yachts full with sun-seeking visitors.