Best Travel Tips to Comino, Malta in 2019 (For Your First Trip)

santa maria tower comino malta

Located in the Mediterranean Sea, in the middle of the way between Malta and Gozo, Comino is the third largest island in the archipelago of the Republic of Malta.

It occupies an area of only 3.5 square kilometers and has a population of less than 10 people.

There are no towns or other settlements.

Most of the people who work in Comino travel every day from the neighboring islands.

When to Visit Comino?

santa maria tower comino malta
Since most people visit Comino for its incredible lagoon, the tourist season lasts approximately from early May to late October.

It is advisable, however, to travel at the beginning or at the end of summer.

In July and August, at the height of the tourist season, the island is full of people, at least during the day.

How to Get There?

Comino is well connected with the islands of Gozo and Malta by regular ferries.

In addition numerous smaller boats provide transport services between Comino and most of the port cities of the large neighboring islands.


Malta’s climate is very warm and Comino is no exception.

The island, due to its proximity to Africa, enjoys a dry, clear and warm weather.

It experiences high temperatures of over 30°C in summer and pleasant spring-like weather with temperatures of around 15 – 16°C in winter.

Prolonged summer droughts and late autumn or winter rains are typical feature of Comino.

Best Things to Do in Comino

The most popular tourist activities in Comino include sunbathing, swimming, diving and snorkeling.

Here, despite the small territory and small population, you will find two of the leading tourist attractions in the country – the Blue Lagoon and the tower of St. Mary.

Dating from the 15th-century, the tower was built in the highest part of the island, and for this reason it offers the best view of Comino.

Comino is an island with flat and slightly undulating terrain. It has an altitude of about 75 meters.

The coastline of the island is indented to the west and north, where there are some small bays and peninsulas.

The southern and eastern parts are less diverse.

The shore of Comino is mostly rocky, and in many places the coast is steep and inaccessible from the sea.

The island has a Mediterranean landscape.

It is dominated by dry loving species of grass and shrubs, and trees are almost entirely missing. A little more greenery there is near the bay of Santa Maria.

This corner of the island is a popular camping site.

The island of Comino is very dry, and rivers or lakes are missing.

The fauna consists mainly of birds, insects and some small species of rodents and reptiles.