Best Travel Tips to Blue Lagoon, Malta (For Your First Trip)

blue lagoon malta

Considered to be one of the biggest attractions in Malta, the Blue Lagoon is located between the islands of Comino and Cominito.

It offers sheltered and limpid turquoise waters, and its bottom is covered with fine white sand.

The visibility under water is about 30 meters.

Generally, most of the lagoon is relatively shallow reaching around 1 – 1,5 meters in depth.

At some places, however, are possible depths exceeding 10 meters.

If you take a look under the water’s surface while swimming in the crystal clear lagoon, you will find that the sea is actually full of life.

Huge schools of colorful fish dart around wondering what you are looking for in their azure kingdom.

Best Time to Visit the Blue Lagoon

blue lagoon malta
The active tourist season (the period you can swim in the lagoon) lasts approximately between late April / early May and late October / early November.

During the winter months the water of the Blue Lagoon cools down to about 16 – 17°C.

With the arrival of summer, however, the water needs only a few degrees to become warm enough to swim.

It is advisable to avoid the summer months of July and August, because the number of foreign tourists is unimaginably large.

You will not go wrong if you visit the Blue Lagoon in May or October – months, which are much more quiet in comparison with the height of summer.

Best Things to Do in the Blue Lagoon

After having arrived, many people remain surprised because of the lack of beaches.

On the coast there is just one – two small sandy beaches that are able to accommodate only two or three dozen of people.

Most visitors usually lounge and sunbathe directly on the flat limestone rocks.

Unless you want to spend a lot of extra money, don’t forget to bring your bathing suit and towel.

It would be great, although it is not very likely, if you are able to find some more secluded spot along the shore, far from the crowds, and to relax undisturbed amidst the beauty of this paradise.

The people who have their, whether owned or rented, boats or yachts have the opportunity to swim and dive into the limpid waters far away from the crowd of visitors.

If you can not afford it, however, do not miss to take advantage of the small cruise boats that come here every day.

And don’t worry about anything – you’ll have plenty of time to swim, have fun and enjoy this truly magnetic scenery.

Because of the location of the neighboring deserted island of Cominito, the Blue Lagoon enjoys almost constantly calm water surface.

The Blue Lagoon is surrounded by a typically Mediterranean landscape saturated with predominantly yellow, beige or amber hues.

The vegetation that covers most of the vicinity is scarce, and everything around talks about hot, dry and sunny weather.