Best Travel Tips to Gozo, Malta in 2019 (For Your First Trip)

gozo malta

Gozo is situated approximately 5 km northwest of Malta and about 82 km off the coast of Sicily.

It occupies an area of about 67 square kilometers and has a population of about 31,000 people.

Compared to the big island of Malta, Gozo is much less populated, more relaxed and offers more fresh air.

It is dominated by typical Mediterranean vegetation, mainly represented by different kinds of dry grasses and shrubs.

How to Get to Gozo?

gozo malta
With plane or ferry to Malta and from there by boat or ferry to Gozo.

After you have already arrived, it is easy to explore the whole island.

The distances are very small, and there is a good transport network.

Best Things to Do in Gozo

The sunny landscape of the island is dotted by peaceful and idyllic medieval villages with ancient architecture and numerous beautiful churches.

Most of the streets are so narrow that you could easily touch the buildings that rise on both sides of the road if you reach out your hands.

Among of the main villages on the island are Victoria (Gozo’s capital), San Lawrenz (known as the place with the largest number of attractions – the Blue Hole, the Internal Sea and the Azure Window), Nadur, Marsalforn, Xagħra, Xlendi and others.

The coastline, like any other Mediterranean island, is beautiful and picturesque.

It is known for its several beautiful beaches, spectacular caves, strange rock formations, small coves and old salt pans.

Gozo is a land of ancient culture. The island is well-known since antiquity, when the Central Mediterranean was one of the most important and busiest shipping routes in the world.

Legend has it that this is the mythical island of Ogygia, where the great explorer Odysseus fell after a shipwreck.

The daughter of the Titan Atlas, the nymph Calypso, saved his life, and he stayed for 6 years in this beautiful Mediterranean island captivated by her divine beauty.

Outside the world of mythology, the oldest traces of human presence in Gozo date back about 7000 years!

A stroll around the island is enough to see how ancient it actually is.

Here you will find some of the oldest buildings in the world, including Ġgantija temples that date back to at least 5500 years ago and are among the oldest religious structures in the world.

The pace of life in Gozo is definitely slower in comparison to the island of Malta.

During the midday hours there is a long siesta, which makes the summer heat easier to bear.

The streets are more lively early in the morning and during the late afternoon and evening hours.

Gozo offers a pretty good choice of restaurants, but if you expect such a rich and varied nightlife as Malta, you will be probably a little disappointed.

Gozo is a better place for relaxation, because it is more calm and quiet.

Once a year, however, Gozo changes its appearance beyond recognition.

For five days every year the island is a center of a colorful carnival.

The event attracts a large number of visitors and greatly enlivens the otherwise drowsy atmosphere of the island.

In the center of the carnival are the capital town of Victoria and the village of Nadur.