Best Travel Tips to Morocco in 2019 (For Your First Trip)

sahara desert western morocco

Morocco is one of the tourist giants in Africa.

Each year, the country is visited by millions of tourists who come for the hot climate, beautiful beaches, fiery red landscapes and oriental culture.

The most visited cities in Morocco are Casablanca, Marrakech and Agadir.

With no matter how strange sounds this fact, the cities in Morocco are extremely different from each other and every has its own and unique identity.

Best Time to Visit Morocco?

sahara desert western morocco
The best time for tourism in Morocco is in spring and autumn if you are directed to the northern parts of the country.

Summer may be too hot and the winter – cold and wet.

Only the ocean shore  has easy bearable summer temperatures because of the influence of the cold Canary stream.

tropical nature and morrocan architecture

If you plan to travel to Marrakesh and the southern parts of Morocco (e.g Agadir) you should know that the weather is warm throughout the year.

In Marrakech, even in January you could lounge in the sun near some swimming pool and enjoy the lovely weather.

If you travel to Morocco during the summer will be better to protect very well your skin from the strong sunlight.

Geographical location, territory and borders

wellcome to the sahara desert
Morocco occupies an area of 446,550 and is located in the northwestern parts of the continent of Africa.

To the north it is bordered by the Mediterranean Sea and the passage of Gibraltar, which separates Morocco from the Iberian Peninsula.

There is no other place, where Africa and Europe are located so close to each other as it is in Gibraltar.

Little known fact is that on the north coast of Africa there are two peninsulas, which are owned by Spain – these are Melilla and Ceuta.

fortress in rabat morocco

They are part of Spain and the European Union.

These places are very strictly guarded, as they are used for illegal immigration by Moroccans and people from other African countries.

On the west of Morocco there is a wide outlet to the Atlantic.

About 100 km off the coast of Morocco are located the Spanish Canary Islands.

Morocco is bordered to the south by Western Sahara and to the east – by Algeria.

agadir architecture morocco

Morocco extends from 27 to 35° north latitude and between 1 and 13° west longitude.

Geographical situation of the country is favourable for tourism development because not only has a good climate, but also is very close to Europe.

In transport terms the country has also very strategic location, because here the Gibraltar is the only passage link between the Mediterranean and the Atlantic.

market place in morocco

The geographical location of Morocco can most accurately be compared with that of California.

The common between them is not only the approximately equal climate, but also the relief that in the both cases is mainly mountainous.

Moreover, in California and Morocco in the ocean around the coast passing cold ocean currents that have specific effects to the flora and fauna.


typical morrocan landscape with the atlas mountains on the horizon
The nature of Morocco is beautiful and is one of the major preconditions for tourism development.

Millions of visitors from around the world are enchanted by the unique landscape of the fiery red Morocco.

The country has beautiful beaches.

The Atlantic beaches are usually long and wide, the sand is light, orange or red, sometimes with brown shades.

On the Mediterranean, the beaches are much smaller and the sand color vary from light to dark yellow.

In many places the shore is covered with grit.

We could say that Morocco is not a country rich in forests.

atlas mountains in morocco

In general, the vegetation is scarce, but there are some exception.

In some places into the mountains especially at higher altitude of Morocco can be seen forests with coniferous species that grow mainly irrigated by the greater humidity.

In the lower parts of the country, the forests are much less.

There grow citrus trees, olives, date palm, cactus and some coniferous species such as cypress.

Beyond the Atlas Mountains, where the humid air masses coming from the Atlantic Ocean can not reach, begin the kingdom of the sands.

Here is the periphery of the Sahara desert and here the desert looks great with its endless sand dunes and burning heat.


ouarzazate morocco
Morocco is predominantly mountainous country.

Much of the territory is occupied by the Atlas Mountains, which are the most significant mountain range in North Africa.

The mountain chain stretches on the territory of three countries – Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia.

The highest point of Morocco is located south of Marrakesh – this is the peak of Djebel Tubkal, which rises to 4165 meters.

marrakech and its pink buildings

The southernmost and coastal parts of the country are occupied mainly by lowlands and hills.

Morocco’s coastline is really slightly indented.

There are almost no large or small bays and peninsulas.


the city of fes morocco
Morocco has a developing economy.

The strategic situation of the country on the Gibraltar Passage, the outlet on the Mediterranean and the Atlantic Ocean, the beautiful scenery and wonderful beaches, warm climate, amazing cities and rich local culture are some of the leading economic factors.

Morocco rely mainly on tourism and services sector as a whole, and of course, to its dynamic agriculture.

Economically, Morocco is very modern and rapidly developing country which follows the example of such economic giants of the Arab world such as the The UAE, Qatar, Kuwait and Bahrain.

agadir the atlantic coast

The country is very interesting for investment from France, Russia, Spain and Arab countries.

For Morocco, the division of the world before 1989 has never been important to its economy.

The country has always maintained active economic relations with both socialist and with the Western capitalist economies.

panoramic view of rabat morocco

Today, Morocco has very close economic ties with the European Union, but it is difficult to say how it will develop the relationship between them in the future.

Morocco seeks EU membership, but the EU offers a privileged co-operation.

Indeed, Morocco is African country, but on the other hand Malta is also part of Africa.

Cyprus itself is an Asian country, but both Mediterranean islands are full EU members.

Morocco shares a common history with European countries and with countries such as Spain shares even partly common culture.

red colour building in morocco

In recent years the economic growth of the country is stable, and the global economic crisis skipped the local economy.

The official currency is the Moroccan dirhams, and the standard of living is similar to that of Eastern Europe.

The income per capita is about $ 6,400 a year.