Best Travel Tips to Agadir, Morocco (For Your First Trip)

beach in agadir

Agadir is one of the most popular resorts in Africa.

It is favourite to hundreds of thousands European tourists.

The city is situated in wide bay in the southern parts of Morocco.

The resort is home to 680 000 people who live and work here.

Around the city you can see only desert landscapes and everything is colored in red and orange nuances.

Agadir is situated in a distance of 390km from the Canary Islands (Lanzarote).

How to Get There?

beach in agadir
The biggest part of the tourists arrive in Agadir by plane.

Usually the visitors come through the airport Al Masira, that is situated in south-east of the resort.

For every visitor is just compulsory to see the surrounding area of the resort.

Best Time to Visit Agadir

palm trees
The weather is suitable for beach all year around with some insignificant exception.

Some days in January and February can get cool.

One way or another, if you visit this country when the weather is sunny, you cat get a nice sun ten or to swim in the Atlantic even in January, because the temperature of the water is never lower than 18 °C.


agadir amazing sunset
The occupation of Agadir is specific.

It is situated on the 30° northern latitude.

This is the border between the tropical and subtropical climate zone.

This area has features of the both climate zones, but the tropical influence predominate.

The precipitations are insignificant and the precipitation decreases with the increasing of the temperatures.

This fact strongly remain to the Mediterranean climate.

The average daily temperatures in January are 20 °C, but sometimes can reach 25 or can drop to 18 °C.

The weather during the summer months is very hot.

The average daily temperatures in July, August and September  is 26 °C.

Distinguishing feature of the resort is the constantly sunny weather all year around.

Despite the days are warm all year around, the night temperatures between November and April are comparatively low.

The night temperatures in January can drop to 7 °C.

Best Things to Do in Agadir

fish port agadir
Agadir can offer you much more than sandy beaches and sunny weather.

In the southern parts of Agadir there are large golf course.

It attracts the well-off visitors from Europe and United States.

The coast of the city is occupied by luxury hotel complexes, which extend between the port to the north and the mouth of Sous river to the south.

On the place where the river flows into the ocean, there are reserve for birds.

One from the firs things that you will see, when you walking on the streets of Agadir is the bright colour of the buildings.

The biggest part of them are colored in white and beige nuances.

The most beautiful structures in Agadir are undoubtedly the mosques.

They are one real oriental work of art.

But Agadir also has parts of the city that are far away from the tourist route.

Beaches in Agadir

landscapes south morocco
The sandy beaches are amazing.

They remain to the beaches of Southern California and Australia.

In some places the beach is more than 120m wide and around 7km long.

In one so huge beach as the beach of Agadir, you can ever find some place only for you.

The sand is fine with golden and orange nuances.