Best Travel Tips to New Zealand (For Your First Trip)

auckland new zealand

New Zealand is situated in the Southern Hemisphere, in the south-west part of the Pacific and more than 2000km south-east of Australia. This is one of the most distant and isolated countries in the world. New Zealand is island country – it is compound of two bigger and many smaller islands. It occupies territory of 270 534 The capital of New Zealand is Wellington. The biggest city is Auckland. And both are situated on the North Island.

new zealand forestThe biggest city in the South Island is Christchurch. The large distant of New Zealand from the other part of the world has exerted strong influence to the local economy. New Zealand has to ensure the biggest part of the goods to the local population as the large distant makes the import very expensive.

North Island climate. The North Island of New Zealand has subtropical climate. The precipitations are significant all year around, especially during the winter months.

The cooler month is July. The daily temperatures are around 15 °C, but in sunny days can reach 18 – 20 °C. The hottest month is January. The daily temperatures in January are around 26 °C.

The difference is around 10 °C between the coldest and the hottest month. The North Island of New Zealand is situated on the same latitudes as the Mediterranean countries, but the conditions are very different.

new zealand landscapeOn the Mediterranean islands the summer temperatures are higher. For example Malta that is situated on the same latitudes as North Island has very hot summer with temperatures that can reach 40 °C.

The temperatures in Auckland, New Zealand difficult can reach 30 °C in rare cases. In the winter months on the Mediterranean islands can be warm and sunny, but in New Zealand usually is very rainy.

Maybe the climate on the North Island of New Zealand can be compared by the conditions in Galicia, north Spain.

South Island climate. The climate of the South Island is temperate, oceanic with significant precipitations. In the winter months the daily temperatures are around 10 °C and during the summer (December, January and February) 22 °C.

In the winter can be formed snow cover. Because of the small distance of the ocean the climate is mild. It remains to the English weather. The summers are never hot.

glacier and subtropical forestThe closeness of the ocean don’t allow to the temperatures to become too high. The west coasts of New Zealand receive the biggest part of the precipitations.

The air masses loose their moisture while they pass through the mountain range. The east coast is drier (if some place in New Zealand can be called dry). All year around, the weather remains spring. In this reason everything is covered by lush greenness.

In the last few years, New Zealand became especially attractive among the lovers of the extreme sports. The country is world famous among the lovers of Bungee – jumping because of its high skyscrapers, high bridges, as well as rocks that are suitable for this purpose.

The country is preferred by the admirer of the rock climbing. But New Zealand is famous not only among the lovers of extreme sports.

The practising of Eco tourism is widespread in all parts of the country. The ecologic situation in the country is really stable.

mount cook new zealandNew Zealand has incredibly clean environment for a country which has such a developed economy. The country is one of the leaders of the use of renewable energy sources.

As New Zealand posses with great number of geysers, a large part of the electricity is produced at geothermal plants.

New Zealand not once has spoken with disapproval in terms of nuclear energy. Not only that, the country has neither a nuclear plant, but even ships which use such kind of energy are not allowed in its territorial waters. It is not allowed in the territorial waters.

rural beautyBecause of its great distance the country posses, unique nature with huge number of endemic animal and plant species. Many of them could not be found in other place on the planet.

Emblematic for the islands is the bird Kiwi. This is the only apterous bird in the world. Its wings are completely stunted and the feathers are modified into hairs.

On the tip of the beak has a moustache. The bird is reproduced as it lays only one egg. The reason this bird to loose its ability to fly is that before the arriving of the Europeans there were no predators that pose a threat to this bird.

But with the first Europeans on the islands has come the cat that turn out the most dangerous exterminator of the local species, as they are not adapted to keep themselves of this predator.

auckland new zealand25% of the territory of New Zealand is covered by lush, green forests. The biggest part of them is consists of the most widespread local tree – Kaur. This is one of the tallest trees on the planet.

Interesting fact about the nature of New Zealand is that there is no pine trees on the islands, despite the local climate and relief conditions are perfect about it.

The cities of New Zealand. Because of the fact that the population of the country is 4,1 million people, we could not expect to find here as huge metropolises as we can in Europe and USA.

The biggest city on the territory of New Zealand is Auckland (on the North Island). It has population of more than 1 300 000 people.

Actually, the fact that the city is not too populated is one of the reasons to be so attractive to the citizens and tourists. In the last few years the city is compulsory one of the 10 best for living cities in the world.

It is situated in a picturesque bay on the east coast of the North Island. The city is covered by lush greenness.

forest and lakeIts residential districts are very quiet and calm. They are situated in typical park areas. The city center of Auckland is developed in American style with many modern skyscrapers.

But for all that the city has European atmosphere. The biggest attraction in the city center is the 328m high tower that has been the highest building in the Southern Hemisphere when it has built in 1997th.

The second largest city in the country is the capital Wellington. It is situated also on the North Island. It has population of 360 000 people. But Wellington could not enlarge its territory, because the city is surrounded by mountain range in all directions.

The tendency is Christchurch to get ahead of Wellington. The New Zealand capital is very beautiful and picturesque city. It is situated amphitheatrical in the inner part of sheltered bay.

The night view from the bay to the city is gorgeous. The buildings developed in clean shapes are flooded in lights and the scenery is so beautiful that you have to see it even if you have to fly by plane through the half planet.

Here you can find a lot of greenness and clean air. Interesting fact is that Wellington is on of the windiest cities in the world.

The reason is that this city is situated on the border between subtropical and temperate climate zone, and here are meet the warmer northern and the cooler southern air masses.

new zealand sceneryChristchurch is the third biggest city in the country. It has population of almost 350 000 people. It is situated on the east coast of the South Island. It has temperate and humid climate.

In the winter months can be formed snow cover. The climate in Christchurch is very similar to the English. The summer is cool. Usually is 2 – 3 °C warmer than the summer in Great Britain.

The city has typical British architecture and it looks like 100% European city.

winter mountainsThe countless churches and gorgeous parks could captivate you with its beauty. The streets are wide and calm.

Christchurch offers incredible beauty landscapes in every season because it has temperate climate. Especially charm is the autumn, when everything is coloured in fiery nuances.

Today New Zealand is cosmopolitan country and its population is from different parts of the world. The country is especially attractive, because of its great business opportunities, high life standard, mild climate and incredibly beautiful nature.

Except the English that is the official language, on the streets you can hear languages from all over the world.