Best Travel Tips to Niue in 2019 (For Your First Trip)

tropical rainforest niue

Niue is a small English-speaking island nation located in the southwest Pacific.

It is located northeast of New Zealand.

Niue is an autonomous country in the world with the smallest number of population.

Due to its low population and small area, Niue has joined voluntarily to New Zealand, which is one of the leading economies in Oceania.

Niue has an area of only 259

The population of the small island country is about 2000 inhabitants.


the coast of niue
The climate of Niue is warm, tropical with heavy rainfall.

There are missing too high or too low temperatures.

The rainy season coincides with summer in the southern hemisphere and lasts from November to April.

This part of the year is hurricane season.

Summer temperatures are around 27°C, but the humidity makes it feel warmer.

Best time for tourism in Niue is the dry winter season.

It lasts from May to October.

Then the weather is warm – about 25°C.

Things to Do in Niue

typical rocky coast of niue
The largest city is the capital Alofi, which is home to about one second of the islanders.

The city is located in the eastern part of the island.

Alofi is a small town that is located on the shore of the Pacific Ocean.

Not far from the capital is located Niue International Airport, which is the only connection of the islanders with the world.

Other settlements of Niue are Makefu, Tuapa, Hikutavake, Toi, Mutalau, Lakepa, Hakupu, Vaiea, Avatale and Tamakautoga.

All of them are small and sparsely populated villages.

This is perhaps the only country in the world where almost everyone knows.

In the southwestern part of the island is Matavia Resort.

This is a small resort village situated on the shores of the Pacific, which handles most of the tourists on the island.

Due to the lack of beaches Niue is not very popular tourist destination for the lovers of beautiful beaches, but at the expense of that the island is perfect destination for the lovers of diving and snorkeling.

The tourism industry appears to be the main source of income for the island country.

Moreover Niue benefits from exports of honey and some agricultural products.

The official currency of this small island is New Zealand dollar.


tropical rainforest niue
The island has volcanic origin and therefore the soil is very fertile.

Practically all of its territory is occupied by a low plateau.

There is a flat terrain and low altitude, which is usually about 50-60 meters.

Most of the island country is occupied by dense tropical forests.

The coastline is very specific – on the island there are almost no beaches.

The shores are steep and rocky.

There are coral reefs, but unlike most places in the world here corals are not formed as a barrier between the coast and open ocean, but reaching the drought.

Much of the territory of Niue is occupied by a protected area.

If you visit this small country you necessarily have to visit Huvalu Forest Conservation Area.

The rain forest is protected by law.

It is located in the wild and deserted eastern coast of the island.

Wild and untouched nature is the biggest advantage of this small island.

Here everyone can find peace among the clean environment and enjoy the silence because the life of Niue moves with the pulse of nature.