Best Travel Tips to Oman in 2019 (For Your First Trip)

mosque in oman

Oman is situated in the south – east part of the Arabian Peninsula. It occupies an area of 212 460 Official language is Arabian, but English is mass too. Official currency is Omani rial (OMR). It has population of around 3 103 000 people. The capital of Oman is Muscat. It has population of around 1 100 000 people (city agglomeration). Oman borders on Yemen (in south-west), Saudi Arabia (in west) and UAE (United Arab Emirates) in north-west. In north-east, east and south-east Oman borders on Indian Ocean (Gulf of Oman) and Arabian sea.

mosque in omanOman is situated in the tropical climate zone. The weather is hot and dry, all year around. The sun shining is intensive.

The daily temperatures in Muscat in the northern part of the country vary from 25 °C in January to 40 °C in June. The summer is not only hot, but and extremely dry.

Usually the driest month is September. It has 0 mm of rain. The wettest month is February – 20 mm of rain. Of course this is absolutely scantily. The temperatures in the summer are especially unbearable.

The local population is adapted to the climate conditions. The daily activities are temporary cease in the hottest part of the day. Everybody try to find a shadow.

oman coastAs a whole, the territory of Oman is covered by sandy desert – approximately ¾ of the country.

The relief is mainly flat with the exception of the north-east and south-west part of the country, where the relief is mountainous.

The highest point of Oman  is the peak Ash Sham. It is 3035m high. As a whole the country is infertile, as a result of the exceptionally hot and dry climate.

The only fertile part of the country is the coast planes at that not everywhere. The agriculture, play the main role of the Oman economy.

At the plant-growing widely practiced is the cultivation of date palms and grains, and in the stock breeding – the cultivating of camels, goats, sheep and so on. The deep sea fishing is very important for Oman.

wild beauty of omanThe landscape looks like gone out of the dream-land. In every direction you can sea only sandy desert. The dunes look like absolutely identical.

There is no any reference point. There aren’t any rivers or plants. Limited number of species can survive in these hard conditions.

These are mainly snakes, scorpions and insects. The biggest part of the animal species, go out in the night and in the day are hidden somewhere in shadow, because they could not survive under the flaming sun.

scenery of omanThe main religion in the country is Islam. Oman accepts this religion in the seventh century. In the16-th and part of the 17-th century, the country is under the control of Portugal.

There are a lot of structures that have built in Portuguese colonial style. Today these buildings remain the Portuguese era in Muscat. This is a part of the cultural heritage of Oman.

As a whole Oman could be one incredible tourist destination. One of the reasons is that the country is not very popular.

This unknown country offer picturesque landscapes and can offer you the opportunity to spend one exiting holidays.