Australia and Oceania

Australia desert

Australia is the only country – continent in the world and it is entirely surrounded on all sides by water bodies.

It occupies an area of 7,686,850 square kilometers and has a population of around  21 million people.

The continent’s population is heterogeneous and consists mainly by immigrants.

About 60% of local residents were not born in this country.

The local economy is highly developed – mining and agriculture evolve together with high technologies.

Australia is a land of prosperity.

Australia desert

It is the continent with the highest average standard of living and is also the only continent that has only one official language – English.

Australia has a unique nature. Most of the plants and animals can be found only here.

The reason is its isolated location which here is much more pronounced compared to other parts of the world.

The local climate is quite warm as Tropic of Capricorn passes through the middle of the continent.

Australia falls into the borders of four climate zones – northern-most parts get into the subequatorial, tropical occupies the biggest part of the continent, subtropical is the climate in the southern parts and temperate is the climate only in Tasmania.

Most of Australia is covered by deserts, but coastal areas are picturesque, green and fertile.


Oceania is often considered together with Australia, but this is actually a quite different region.

The reason because of which Oceania is considered together with Australia is basically the small population of Australia and Oceania and their geographical proximity.

Oceania is generally underdeveloped region that relies heavily on agriculture and tourism.

New Zealand, Hawaii Islands (USA) and New Caledonia (France) with their strongly developed economy can be easily distinguished from the other islands in the Pacific.

This region is characterized in that it consists of islands.

While some of them are separated by thousands of kilometers, they have similar natural and cultural resources.