Best Travel Tips to Portugal (For Your First Trip)

portugal surfing in the atlantic

Portugal is situated in the south western end of the European continent. It has population of around 10 500 000 people and occupies an area of 92 072  official language is Portugal, official currency is Euro. The country is a member of the European Union from 1986. Portugal is situated on the ocean coast of the Atlantic. It borders on Spain (north and east). The population of the country is unevenly distributed on its territory. Big part of it is concentrated in the capital Lisbon that has agglomeration with population of around 2 700 000 people. Portugal is one of the oldest countries in Europe. It was founded in the 1139.

lisbon bridgeClimate. Despite that Portugal has hot subtropical climate it is covered by lush forests. The permanent light winds that coming from the Atlantic make the climate to be mild and very nice.

In the inland the climate can be very harsh with cold winter and significant snowfall. In direction east – west many rivers cross the country and reach the Atlantic coast.

portugal coastlinePortugal has hot Mediterranean climate. The summer is long and hot. The winter – short  and mild with significant precipitations. The climate in the north and south part of the country has few degree difference.

The coldest months in Lisbon are December, January and February. The daily temperatures are usually around 15 °C (14 °C in January and 15 °C – 16 °C in December and February).

The spring is very warm and sunny. The beach season begins at the end of April and finish at the end of October. November is the rainiest month in the year. Sometimes the rain continue few days.

portugal interiorNature. Portugal is famous by its territories covered by cork wood tree. These trees live approximately 250 years. Around 50% of the world cork has produced in this country.

Except the cork wood tree, here you can find Eucalyptus tree. It thrives excellent in the local conditions. This Australian tree is very susceptible to freezing – it could die if the temperatures fall to (-5) °C.

portuguese architectureRelief. The relief of Portugal is mainly mountainous in the northern part of the country and flat in the southern part. The highest peak of Portugal is Pico and it is located on the Azores Islands (in the Atlantic).

It is 2351m high, but the highest peak on the continental part of the country is Serra da Estrela – 1993m above the sea level.

Except the Azores, Madeira Islands are part of Portugal too. They are also situated in the Atlantic.

autumn in portugalThe most terrible event that has overtaken the country was the earthquake from 1755. The earthquake has been followed by tsunami. Portugal (similar to the other countries in southern Europe) is seismic area.

What to not miss in Portugal. One of the biggest landmarks in Lisbon, Portugal is the city bridge „25-th April” is absolutely the same by the bridge in San Francisco, California.

Here you can see also the same statue as this in Rio de Janeiro – Jesus the rescuer. This incredible city is situated upon few hills and this fact, lend charm to the city.

portugal surfing in the atlanticHere the visitors can see modern architecture in combination by old and beautiful buildings. Favourite to the tourists is the southern part of the country.

It is magnificent by its beautiful golden beaches by fine sand, luxury hotels, green forests, incredible cuisine, clean air and Mediterranean lifestyle.

Palm trees, flowers, exotic, subtropical bushes and so on are some of the plants that can be seen in the south Portugal resorts.