Best Travel Tips to Mamaia, Romania (For Your First Trip)

mamaia romania

Mamaia is the biggest and most popular seaside resort in Romania.

It is located on the Black Sea and is situated directly north to the largest coastal city in the country – Constanta.

Due to its geographical location resources this place is of great interest to Romanian and foreign visitors.

Because of its specific location it is often compared with the Mexican resort of Cancun.

Although the summer tourist season here is short and lasts only three months, every year from June to September this place turn into the most attractive destination for entertainment throughout Romania.

When to Visit Mamaia and What Clothes to Wear?

mamaia romania
It is best to visit Mamaia in June, July or August, because you’ll see this charming resort in its best light.

In this part of the year everything is bathed in greenery and temperatures are pleasantly warm.

If t you travel in this part of the year, you need only thin summer clothes and light open shoes (slippers or sandals).

Do not forget also sunscreen and swimsuit.


Arrival in Mamaia is extremely easy, as close to the resort there is an international airport.

It accepts charter flights to the Romanian Black Sea coast during the summer months and provides quick and easy access to the resort.

However, it is better to think about the transport opportunities in the resort and its surroundings.

Although bus transport is well appointed, it is good to know that the distances here are not very small, so it is preferable (if you can afford it) to rent a car.

So you’ll have your own time for yourself and you will travel whenever you want.

Thus, apart from nearby attractions in Constanta and the Danube Delta, you can see at a convenient time for you and the northern Black Sea coast of Bulgaria and its adjacent resorts.

From 1th of January 2007 both countries are members of the European Union so that the passage of EU citizens across the border is only by showing an identity card without other necessary documents.


mamaia stormy weather
Mamaia has a temperate climate.

Summers are very nice and offer refreshing influence of the Black Sea.

Temperatures during the period from June to September are usually in the range 23 – 25°C and warmest is August.

Sometimes through the country pass hot air masses and temperatures can reach to about 30°C.

Beach season in this seaside resort lasts from early June to early September.

In mid-September the weather becomes cooler and the sea water temperature decreases.

Autumn is quite mild and lasts until late because the still warmer sea waters do not allow the weather to become too cool.

Temperatures in autumn are between 10 and 20°C.

Winter usually starts later than in the rest of the country. Sometimes even December begins with mild and sunny weather!

Usually the coldest days are not in January, but in February, when sea water is also coldest.

However, daily temperatures are usually around 2 – 3°C.

Snowfalls are rare compared to the hinterland, but when it happens the snow cover is usually perishable and melts quickly.

Unlike the warm autumn, spring in Mamaia began late and is usually relatively cool.

Daytime temperatures exceed 10°C in April.

Things to Do in Mamaia

summer night mamaia resort
Arriving in Mamaia, the resort will make you a pretty good impression.

The hotels are arranged along the coast, and from all sides there is a lot of greenery.

The promenade which runs alongside the beach is the most attractive place for walks and fun.

The large crowns of the trees offer a pleasant shade and coolness during the hot midday hours.

Mamaia is known for its magnificent beaches, numerous luxury hotels and attractive restaurants.

For lovers of nightlife, the resort offers excellent nightclubs, bars and discotheques.

Opportunities for fun here are indeed numerous.

In Mamaia you can indulge in beach activities and water sports or to enjoy the numerous natural and cultural attractions in the area.

North of the resort you can see the channel that connects the Danube and Black Sea.

Its purpose is to shorten the waterway to the sea.

Sights to See

Romanian resort Mamaia is famous by its specific location.

It is located between Siutghiol Lake and the Black Sea on the territory of a narrow strip of land, which is wide between 300 and 500 meters.

The 12 kilometers long beach is available to the visitors of the resort.

Mamaia has a lot of greenness, which combined with light and fine sand on the beach makes the place a favorite summer holiday destination for visitors from Britain, Germany, Russia and Romania itself.

One of the most significant natural attractions near Mamaia is the Danube Delta, located about an hour’s drive north.

There you will find incredible flora and fauna, as the humid and mild climate favors riparian vegetation as well as wildlife.

The variety of birds is amazing, and the tree species are represented mainly by the moisture-loving species such as willows and poplars, which traditionally grow around watercourses.

Mamaia is known for its mineral springs, which are good prerequisites for development of balneology and spa tourism.