Sahara – The Biggest Desert on the Planet

sahara desert

Sahara is the biggest desert on the planet.

It occupies the biggest part of North Africa.

The territory is almost unpopulated.

It is situated on the territory of Morocco, Algeria, Libya, Egypt, Sudan, Chad, Niger, Mali, Mauritania, Western Sahara and so on.

This is area bigger than USA and everything is covered by sand and pebbles.

In some places, can be found oases surrounded by date palms.

The desert is striking with its giant territory.

sahara desert

In north it reaches the Mediterranean, in west it borders on the Atlantic Ocean, in east – Red Sea and in south the desert reaches almost to the Guinean bay.

There are many reasons for the formation of this large desert.

The ocean streams are too cold either if no – there are high mountain ranges that stop the wet air masses and to the inland of the continent can reach only dry air masses.

The large distance between the central part of Sahara and the ocean coast don’t help not a bit.

In the northern parts of Sahara has been found a lot of petrol.

This is very important to the Libyan and Algerian economy.

The missing of water is the biggest problem in this part of the world.

The only river that crosses Sahara is Nile.

Here in El Aziziyah, Libya has measured the highest temperature in the world.

sahara tunisia

On the 13th September, 1922 the thermometers have reached 58 °C!

Just imagine – when in South Europe the temperatures reach 30 – 35 °C, everybody try to find cooler place somewhere in shadow.

The deserts Gobi, Atacama, Dead valley, the Australian deserts, Kalahari and so on can not be competition to Sahara.

The territory of Sahara is bigger and bigger every year.

This is because of the forest cleaning in the southern part of the giant desert.

Despite its unfriendliness, Sahara is romantic – where else you can see camels, pyramids, Nile and incredible beauty of the sandy dunes?