South America

The biggest part of South America is located south of the equator.

It stretches within five climate zones – equatorial, subequatorial, tropical, subtropical and temperate.

In the Amazon rain forest weather is hot and humid throughout the year, while in the south at Cape Horn you can feel the  icy influence of Antarctica.

South America is quite remarkable places that kept records in given areas.

For example, here is one of the longest mountain ranges on the planet – the Andes.

Higher parts of this mountain chain are covered with snow and ice throughout the year.

Moreover, in South America has another record – Amazon is the largest equatorial jungle on the planet.

south america Machu Picchu

In the northern parts of the continent is located also the highest waterfall in the world – Angel, which is 979 meters high.

We should not forget the Amazon River, which is the deepest river in the world and also the highest located city on the planet.

In South America is the southern most continental drought outside Antarctica, and one of the most beautiful cities on Earth – Rio de Janeiro.

Like North America, South America is also surrounded by the Pacific Ocean to the west, Atlantic to the east and Caribbean Sea, which lies north of the continent.

In South America there are exceptional social contrasts, but the local economy inferior to that of Europe, Asia and North America.

Typical of South America is that there are many places that are dangerous and you should avoid.

However there are some very highly developed economies, which are important players in the global economic scene.

Some of the more developed countries are Brazil, Chile and Argentina.