Best Travel Tips to Barcelona in 2019 (For Your First Trip)

Panoramic view city of Barcelona

Barcelona is the second largest city of Spain, capital of the self-governing district of Catalonia and the second largest city that is situated on the coast of Mediterranean Sea. It is situated on the 41° northern latitude and it gets in the borders of the subtropical climate zone. It is located between Coasta Brava and Costa Dorada that are often called “The Spanish Riviera” because of their splendid beaches and lovely resort towns. In north-west, about an hour  away from Barcelona are situated the stunning landscapes of the Pyrinees.

Sagrada Familia the masterpiece of Antoni GaudiAbout 350km from Barcelona is located one of the most beloved and favourite islands for family tourism in the world – Mallorca.

Barcelona is a center of one very different part of the country. The locals speak Catalan and English, but the Spanish is less popular.

However, that the local population is proud with its autonomy does not prevent Spain to experience not smaller pride because of the fact that this is the most developed economic center of the Mediterranean coast.

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Costa Brava the Spanish rivieraThe population of Barcelona is about 1,7 million people, but the city agglomeration is approximately 4,5 million people. This is the second largest city on the coast of the European Mediterranean.

By birth the majority of the population are Catalans that are different by the Spaniards with their culture and language.

In the recent years the city is among the most cosmopolitan in Europe because of the strong attractiveness of Barcelona among the young people from all parts of the European Union.

La PedreraHere come to live, study and work people from worldwide. The combination of warm climate, high standard of living and cosmopolitan culture, architecture monuments, easy access to education and unparalleled hospitality of the locals make the city one of the 20 best for living cities on the planet and the first in Spain.

Here come to live many British, Germans, Scandinavians, as well as Bulgarians, Romanians and so on. But during the summer months the palette of nationalities is dizzying. Usually every year in the city arrive at least 5-6 million of visitors.

Guel the famous work of GaudiThe climate of Barcelona. Barcelona has subtropical Mediterranean climate, but in contrast to the biggest part of the Mediterranean coast the Barcelona receive significant precipitations, because the Atlantic Ocean is located in less than 400km from the city and the air masses have not lost their humidity yet, when they pass through this part of the country.

Usually the precipitations are short term, sudden and intensive. Almost never happens all day to be cloudy and rainy constantly – such cases are rare.

The majority of the days are sunny and pleasant even in the winter. As a whole the precipitations are uniformly spread throughout the year with the exception of the September and October, when the rainfall is more significant.

Barcelona gets 95mm of rain in October that is double in comparison with the other months of the year.

The driest month is July – 25mm of rain. There are two seasons in Barcelona – summer and winter.

This is typical feature of the Mediterranean climate. Summer season is longer and lasts from the beginning of May to the end of October.

Downtown BarcelonaWinter lasts from the beginning of December to the end of March. April and November are transition season and the weather changes are typical for these months.

The summer is very warm, even hot and the winter is similar to the spring in the temperate climate zone. Hottest months are from June to September with peak of the temperatures in August.

The average daily temperature is 28°C. The coldest months are December, January and February. The temperatures are usually lowest at the end of January and the beginning of February.

In this period of the year the daily temperatures are around 13°C. The winter nights are cool, even cold. Average night temperatures in January are 4 – 5°C. There are not spring and autumn, or at least not as in the temperate latitudes.

Torre AgbarIt is difficult to mention the name of the Catalan capital without to say few words about the local architecture. Undoubtedly Barcelona is one of the most beautiful cities on the planet.

The walk on the streets is one filled with joy to the eye experience. The first things that will make an impression to you are the bright and sunny shades in which are painted the facades of the buildings and the exceptional sense of harmony which you can feel everywhere.

You have the feeling that every structure has built in its place only to be combined in a perfect manner with all that surround it.

This is strange, because Barcelona is a very old city that has founded by the ancient Romans (then was known as Barcino) and should have strong contrast between buildings from different eras.

But it hasn’t. Buildings that have built in different styles and different eras are in perfect harmony and create one real world famous masterpiece.

Panoramic view city of BarcelonaBarcelona today probably would not be what it is, if it was not touched by the great talent of Antoni Gaudi. He has left a profound imprint on the local architecture.

The pearl of its work is the most impressive cathedral, which the west has ever seen – Sagrada Familia (in translation Holy family).

The 170m high towers of the cathedral are decorated in various ornaments and are visible from all parts of the Catalan capital. At present, the cathedral is not still completely finished.

Probably it will be fully ready in 2030. But even if the most popular, this is not the only work of the great architect.

The lovers of the eccentricity will be probably more impressed by the Guel Park, which will make you feel like part of the „Alice in wonderland”, because of its strange houses, stairs, castles and so on.

Everything has built in bizarre shapes and surrounded by lush Mediterranean vegetation.

Sunset the promenade of BarcelonaWe can say nothing except to repeat the word „masterpiece”. That is what everybody having the chance to visit the park would say.

And who once was in Guel Park without difficult will recognise the works of the talented architect as they all bear its own style.

Casa Mila, Casa Baio and of course the school of the Order of St. Therese are just some of his works. The great architect Antoni Gaudi has died just few days before the age of 74 years.

The man that has turned Barcelona into this work of art which you can see today, has been knocked down by tram on the June, 10th 1926 – the first day on which the city tramway has put into motion.

Old town BarcelonaBut if you make a tour in Barcelona, you will see that the great architect continue to lives trough what he has been created.

Otherwise, this giddily developing city has also its modern constructions. Like every modern metropolis, Barcelona also has its skyscrapers.

Torre Maphre, Hotel Arts (they are both 145 meters high)and Torre Agbar are the three most famous skyscrapers in the Catalan capital. They combine modernism and finesse. The glass is leading element in these structures.

If you plan to visit the city because of the beautiful beaches, you will not regret. In the north of the city are located the wonderful resorts of Costa Brava and in the south are those of Costa Dorada.

Which are better? No body can say with certainly. And both Costa Brava and Costa Dorada must be seen.

the highest skyscrapers of BarcelonaThere is something for everyone – for the fans of the crowds and entertainment, but also and for the lovers of the piece and tranquillity among the nature.

But let’s go back to the topic of Barcelona, because this article is devoted to it. The urban beaches will please to everyone.

The sand vary from dark yellow with light nuances of the brown, to whitish, almost white. In these parts of the beach, where the colour of the sand is dark yellow, the sea water has very specific dark blue pastel colour.

The beach is quite wide – in some areas it is more than 80m. Sometimes the sea water is calm as a mirror. Then the water is so transparent that even the grains of sand on the bottom are visible!

sunset over barcelonaAnother time, however, dare to enter in the sea only the surfers, because the location of Barcelona is widely open to the sea and there is not pronounced bay.

Because of this reason the strong winds can got up pretty huge waves. Probably the most popular beach of Barcelona is San Sebastian.

From the beginning of May to the end of October is full of tourists, but as the beach is wide, there is enough space for everybody.

In the southern parts of the city at Can Camins and Gavamar, near the beach there is lush coniferous vegetation, but the biggest part of the Barcelona coast, you can rely only to the shade of the date palms, as the coast is the most urbanized part of the city. The coast is also the place with the greatest concentration of people.

greenness in guell parkThis part of the city is intended for entertainment and social contacts with its countless number of bars and restaurants. The life in Barcelona is closely connected by the sea.

From the coast, near by the yacht port begins one of the biggest, widest, chic and popular streets of the city – the world famous La Rambla. On this street you can find great variety of restaurants, hotels and boutiques.

Here, on the shaded of the large trees walking area comes everybody that want to see and to be seen.

Here you can see incredible variety of nationalities and people from all parts of the world. About two kilometers from La Rambla is located Stadio Olimpico, which although has been rebuilt and updated is still located on the place where it has built originally 1927th.

the coast line barcelonaAnd the best way for the tourist to take goodbye with a such memorable city as Barcelona, is to ascend the peak of Tibidabo that rises 512m height in the north-west part of the city.

This is the highest point of the mountain Sierra de Corserola and the panorama which one can see from here is just breathtaking.

It is advisable to ascend the peak at sunrise to see the first rays of the hot Spanish sun, or at twilight because to enjoy the gradually turning on of the city lights. This is a great way to engrave Barcelona forever in your mind.

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