Best Travel Tips to Ibiza in 2019 (For Your First Trip)

traditional architecture ibiza

Ibiza is one of the Balearic islands. It is situated in south-west of Mallorca. The island has not mountainous relief. It is covered by subtropical Mediterranean vegetation – citruses, olive trees and other species. It is one of the most attractive tourist destinations on the planet. Here you can find luxury hotels and Mediterranean villas, where you can spend one incredible rest. On the coast of this paradise island you can find some of the most beautiful beaches in Europe with crystal clean limpid water and white sandy beaches.

traditional architecture ibizaIbiza is famous among the young people from all parts of Europe, because here you can find some of the biggest night clubs on the territory of the Old Continent.

The climate of Ibiza is subtropical Mediterranean, with warn to hot summer and mild winter. The summer temperatures vary between 25 and 30 °C in July and August.

January is the coldest month in Ibiza. The daily temperatures are 16 °C, but sometimes can reach 20 and even 25 °C. The weather is very warm from April to the end of October (7 months). Ibiza has not winter.

The winter months are similar to the spring in the temperate climate zone. Snowfall is incredible rare.

All year around can be felt the warm influence coming from south, because the island is situated in less than 250km north from Africa.

night view of ibizaThe main part of precipitation falls in November. It is said that the weather in Ibiza in never bad for more than three days. Rain, wind, lowering of the temperatures – everything remains in the past for a short time.

The delightful climate has attracted here a great number British and German citizens, who want to enjoy to all year around good weather. Winter and spring are very nice and sunny.

The spring months are as a whole better from the autumn months, because the sun shining is more intensive and this fact give an impression that the weather is warmer.

Even in the first days of April the weather is warm enough for sun bathing and swimming in the sea, despite the sea water is not as warm as in the middle of the summer season. Autumn is also warm, but with much more rainy days.

coastline of ibizaBut yet, you can swim in the waters of the Mediterranean Sea even in November, despite in this month not every day is suitable for beach. In exceptionally rare cases can be formed thin snow cover which melts almost immediately.

The temperatures never fall below zero, even in the winter nights. The climate is exceptionally healthy and the great number warm and sunny days in the year allows to the islanders to spend their free time in out door activities.

On the island there are three bigger cities – Ibiza, San Antonio Abad and San Huan Bautista. Near by Ibiza is situated the airport that welcomes the great number of chartered flights from all parts of Europe.

The island of Ibiza is connected by the smaller island of Formentera through narrow sandy strip. Formentera is situated in south-west of Ibiza. The tourists are strongly attracted by this sandy strip between the islands, because it is surrounded by water in two sides.

Here come a lot of visitors, who wish to make sun baths and swim in this paradise place. The atmosphere in the narrow, shady streets of Ibiza is very special. The white coloured buildings with flat roofs create an incredible oriental atmosphere.

traditional house in ibizaThe local people feel themselves lucky because they live in the paradise. They enjoy to incredible climate, fascinating culture, Mediterranean cuisine and amazing wines.

This is the perfect place to escape of the rush and strenuous daily round of the big cities. Here you can enjoy to your morning cup of coffee with a newspaper in your hands under the shadow of the date palms on some square, to lounge on the splendid beaches, to swim into the limpid waters of the Mediterranean sea and finally to end the day in some of the small coastal restaurants with a portion of fish and glass of wine.