Weather in Mallorca [in April]

Palma de Mallorca in April

Because of its lovely weather, spring is considered one of the most enjoyable seasons for tourism in Mallorca (Majorca). Although the average temperature is lower compared to summer or autumn, spring enjoys an exceptional weather conditions. It is much drier and sunnier compared to autumn and not so hot and crowded with tourists compared to summer. April marks the end of winter and the beginning of the long summer season.

Palma de Mallorca in April
Palma de Mallorca in April by Jorge Brazil

It offers a last chance to enjoy the quiet island and its emerald green vegetation before the first large groups of visitors to arrive and before the scorching summer sun rays to dry the green vegetation inside of Mallorca.

The average temperature is about 19°C during the day and around 11°C during the night, but from one day to another the temperature can vary significantly.

For example, some days are windy and rainy and bring low temperatures of about 15 – 16°C while others bring bright sunshine, clear skies and summer temperatures of about 24 – 25°C.

Usually April brings the first days of good weather for the beach in Mallorca. However, the weather in this month is far from being perfect for a summer holiday along the coast.

Although in April there are some great days for the beach, the sea water is still quite cold, usually in the range between 15 and 17°C. If you like to sunbathe, then April may appeal to you, but if you are planning to swim or dive in the crystal clear waters of Mallorca is recommended to choose another month.

The chance for substantial and heavy rainfalls is very low in April in Mallorca. In most cases precipitations are light to moderate and sometimes accompanied by thunder.

Moreover, in April the probability of snowfall even in the highest parts of the mountains is close to 0%.

There are usually about 3 to 5 days with precipitations on average, though from one year to another the number of rainy days can vary considerably.