Weather in Mallorca [in February]

Mallorca in February

February, the last winter month in Mallorca, brings pleasant temperatures of around 16°C during the day and around 9°C during the night, ie about one degree more on average than in January. The number of hours of sunshine increases slightly compared to the previous month. Increases also the number of days with warmer weather and temperatures reaching up to about 20 – 21°C. The length of the day also increases, and in late February the sun sets at around 6:40 pm.

Mallorca in February
Mallorca in February by Frank Jakobi

February is a perfect month for hiking, long walks, cycling and exploring the entire island. Since this is an off-season month, you will be able to experience this wonderful island while enjoying the indescribable tranquility.

Due to the warmer weather and more intense sunshining in February, this is the month in which the almond trees as well as many other species of trees around the island begin to blossom, which creates a wonderful feeling of freshness and coming spring.

However, quite normal for this season, the weather is still too cold for the beach. The sea temperature is at its lowest point for the year and reaches only about 14°C.

The closest to a summer experience you can enjoy is to walk around in short sleeves at noon in one of the still very few warm winter days.

The number of days with precipitations in February is unchanged compared to January, but on the other hand the amount of precipitation decreases by about ¼.

However, heavy rains for two or three days in a row are still possible. The chance of snow decreases even in the high-lying mountain areas.