Weather in Mallorca [in January]

Alcudia Mallorca in January

In January winter in Mallorca (Majorca) is in full swing. This is the coldest month of the year, but the weather across the island is warmer than in most of continental Europe. The warm subtropical climate brings pleasant daytime temperatures usually around 15°C at noon. However, sometimes in clear and sunny days temperatures can climb up to 20°C in the shade.

Alcudia Mallorca in January
Alcudia Mallorca in January by Barry Lewis

Nights are cool but not very cold, with temperatures mostly around 8°C. Inside the island, especially in some high-lying areas in the Sierra de Tramontana in the Northwest of Mallorca, the weather can be quite chilly.

Despite its mild weather, January has a drawback and this is the small duration of the day.

Usually in the first day of January the sun sets at 5:36 pm and at 6:08 pm in the last day of the month. If you want to enjoy the winter Mediterranean sun, you should take advantage of the midday hours.

January in Mallorca usually brings around five rainy days on average. However, in most cases it comes to a short-term heavy rainfall, so most days are predominantly sunny.

However sometimes are possible 2 or 3 days in a row of non-stop rain. Despite the wet weather, if we have to summarize January, we must say that pleasant weather conditions prevail.

Usually it doesn’t snow in the coastal areas of Mallorca, but in the highest parts of the mountains snowfalls are quite common.

Mallorca is an attractive place to spend a calm and relaxing winter holiday in January. Of course, the weather is far from being suitable for the beach, but on the other hand is ideal for long walks. Winter Mallorca is a popular destination for hiking and cycling.