Weather in Mallorca [in March]

Valdemossa, Mallorca in March

Compared to January and February, March brings a considerable weather improvement in Mallorca (Majorca). Spring is in full swing, and the days are longer. On the last day of March, after moving the clock one hour forward, the sun sets at 8:12 pm. The full of wildlife interior of the island offers perfect conditions for long walks and cycling. Throughout the island is full of blossoming plants, which are thirsty to absorb the bright but still not so strong spring sunlight.

Valdemossa, Mallorca in March
Valdemossa, Mallorca in March by Andrés Nieto Porras

The average temperature in March is usually around 17°C during the day and about 9 – 10°C during the night.

In warmer days are possible almost summer temperatures of around 21°C or more, but in cloudy, windy and rainy days temperatures can drop to less than 15 degrees.

The probability of cooler weather is greater during the first 10 days of March, and very warm days with higher than average temperatures are more possible during the third decade of the month.

In warmer days is a common sight to see people walking around in t-shirts while enjoying the warm Mediterranean sun. Since March is a changeable month, sometimes the weather can be quite windy.

March brings less rainfall in comparison with January and February. The number of rainy days during the month decreases to about 4 on average along the coast but still reaches to about 8 – 9 days in the high-lying mountain areas.

When it rains it pours, and the likelihood of hail storms is significant. They usually occur in the afternoon.

Sometimes hail storms can cause serious damages not only to plants but also to private property in Mallorca (damaged cars, broken windows, etc.).

The weather in March is not suitable for the beach. Although some days are temptingly sunny and warm, the average sea surface temperature along the coast is very low and reaches only to about 15°C. At this temperature, sea bathing would be pretty uncomfortable even during the warmer days.