Weather in Mallorca [in May]

Mallorca beach in May

After the changing weather in April, May is the first truly summer month in Mallorca and one of the most beautiful months to visit the charming Mediterranean island. It brings a wonderful sunny and warm weather with pleasant but not very high temperatures. The average daytime temperature is very comfortable, between 22 and 25°C during the day and around 15°C during the night. The days are very long with about 12 hours of sunshine on average.

Mallorca beach in May
Mallorca beach in May by Kyle Taylor

On the last day of May the sun sets at 9:10 pm. May brings cloudless and blue skies as well as an amazing aroma of fresh subtropical vegetation.

It is a good choice to spend your holiday in Mallorca, especially if you choose the second half of the month. This month is also a good opportunity to enjoy a nice and healthy weather without suffering from too high temperatures.

May usually brings around four rainy days on average. The precipitation is usually light to moderate, and the chance is significantly greater during the first 10 days of the month.

There is a greater chance of rainfall in the mountains. In high-lying areas are possible up to 7 – 8 rainy days. Overall the chance of heavy rainfall in Mallorca in May is very low. The average precipitation for the month is about 30 mm.

This month offers good conditions for the beach. The sea water is still a bit cool, but unlike April, already good for swimming.

The average sea surface temperature along the shore is about 18°C, higher in the second half of May. Beaches are already quite busy but are still less crowded in comparison with July and August.