Best Travel Tips to Menorca (For Your First Trip)

sailboat in blue bay

Menorca is the northernmost of all the Balearic Islands. It is located about 200 km from Barcelona and about 38 km from Mallorca among the western Mediterranean waters. This is an excellent choice for vacations for all people, who seek peace and quiet. In contrast to Mallorca, which is among the most popular family destinations and Ibiza, which is known among the young people from around the world with its great night clubs, Menorca is out of the way of the enormous tourist flows. Even at the height of the summer, here is relatively calm and it attracts an entirely different group of people – the seeking solitude.

ciutadella menorcaMenorca is the greenest of all the Balearic Islands. Here grow mainly coniferous trees, olives, citruses, date palms and subtropical shrubs.

Although plant diversity of Menorca is significant, here, as it is in every other place in the Mediterranean there are also dry areas, where the vegetation is scarce, the grass – yellow and only here and there you can see some olive or citrus tree.

The reason because of which Menorca is greener in comparison with the other Balearic Islands is that the climate here is slightly more humid. During the summer months for example, are not rare strong summer storms accompanied by heavy rains and thunderstorms.

Fortunately such storms are so brief as random and therefore not likely to fail on any holiday. Otherwise, Menorca has a magnificent climate – subtropical Mediterranean.

ciutadella port and fortressSummer lasts from May to October with temperatures between 20 and 28°C which is felt as much more because of the plenty of sunshine. The winter season lasts from November to April.

The temperatures are relatively constant and range between 14 and 19°C. Coldest month is January – about 14°C. Similar to the other Balearic Islands and here are so sunny and warm winter days, that for a moment one can forget he is in Europe.

The climate is pleasant and suitable for tourism throughout the year. For the beach is suitable from May to October.

limpid lagoon of menorcaAnd if the sea is not a purpose of your visit, then you can visit the island throughout the year. However, perhaps in June and September the weather is most pleasant.

If you travel in the period from May to October it is better to wear thin summer clothes, but always stretch out a coat, as after a storm could become very cool.

From November to April is well to prepare some warmer winter clothes, but also some light and spring clothes, because during this period the weather is quite variable.

In November and December the umbrella is required, because then the weather is quite rainy. And if you’ve already decided to rest on Menorca don’t worry about the transport.

Air and ferry lines that serve this beautiful island are frequent, especially during the summer season.

sailboat in blue bayMenorca will enchant you with certainly with its beauty. Like all other Mediterranean islands, it also has an irresistible charm.

Large beaches are missing, but on behalf of that there are hundreds of small coves with snow-white or reddish sand and bright blue crystal clear sea waters. Often the fragrant pine groves descend to the beach.

About the beaches, we should say that, outside the main urban centers and resort of the island, the beaches are pretty empty and they offer solitude to the visitors.

This is especially true for the northern part of the island, where there is not buildings and the nature is clean and wild. If you have luck, you will find a beach on which there will not be people other than you. Only some boat or yacht can disturb your peace.

pine trees in menorcaBesides being ideal for lovers of swimming and diving, Menorca offers excellent opportunity for fun and to the fans of golf, such as Club de Golf Son Park, located in the central northern parts of the island.

In Menorca there are excellent conditions for sports, especially cycling. This is perhaps the best way to explore and see the beauty of the island. Its length of 48 km allows you to do this for a few days without over straining.

And not only that the island is suitable for bicycle tourism in the winter, but even in this part of the year the conditions are better, because there is no danger of the hot sun and for you will not be too warm.

By bicycle you can reach easily to all parts of the island, because of the relief. The highest point Monte El Toro is only 358 meters high. Despite it’s low altitude, the peak offers an incredible view to the whole island.

small bay in menorcaOn the top of Monte El Toro you will find a beautiful statue of Jesus, which protects the island and its inhabitants with it’s outstretched arms, like the famous statue in Rio de Janeiro.

The local statue is much smaller, but radiate not less respect and esteem. Furthermore the provincial atmosphere inside the island, the views from the highest point and indented coastline of Menorca, the island impress also with its beautiful towns.

You can imagine how small are the settlements, given that the all island is home to around 70,000 people. The largest cities are Ciutadella and Maon.

In south of Maon is located the main airport in Menorca, which accepts the bulk of arriving tourists and the smaller airport of San Luis. Ciutadella is a town with beautiful Spanish architecture, narrow streets, squares and massive fortress walls.

There is narrow, but very strongly engrave into the island bay. Ancient architecture of local towns in combination with a pleasant and unpretentious cafes on the streets make this island an ideal place for vacation.

wild and dry landscape of menorcaIf you like the eco-tourism and wildlife, then you should visit the north of the island. Today it is almost untouched, and unlike most places in the Mediterranean there is not sign of overbuilding.

In the local pine forests there are many species of birds and other animals, many of which can be found only here. Before to set out for Menorca is important to know that in 1993 the island was declared as a biosphere reserve.

Today this paradise is under the UNESCO protection. Menorca is one of the purest and cleanest islands in southern Europe.