Best Travel Tips to St. Helena Island in 2019 (For Your First Trip)

jamestown saint helena

Saint Helena is a small volcanic island located in the Atlantic Ocean at 15° south latitude.

It is located between South America and Africa (closer to Africa) and has the status of British overseas territory.

Occupies an area of about 122

The island is not a popular place for tourism and this is one of its main advantages.

There definitely has something to see.

At least because the local nature is unknown and different for Europeans and everyone would be curious to get to know the island.

When to Visit the Island of St. Helena?

jamestown saint helena
Conditions on the island of St. Helena are suitable for tourism throughout the year because there are no periods of intense rainfall, as well as too high or too low temperatures.

The main attractions on the island of Saint Helena are Saint Paul Cathedral and the Plantation House.

It is intended to serve as a gubernatorial residence.

Do not miss also Diana Peak, 818 meters high.

It is the highest point of St. Helena and is located in the central parts of the island.

What Clothes to Wear?

If you have decided to travel to this little known and exotic destination is best to wear light summer clothes no matter what time of year you travel.

However, if you want to climb mountains is better to wear a coat and jeans, especially if you plan to travel during the southern winter.


Saint Helena Island has a tropical climate that is characterized by pleasant temperatures throughout the year.

In the winter, which here lasts from June to September temperatures are ideal – around 22°C.

Summer lasts from January to March-April and thermometers rarely show more than 27 – 28°C.

The weather is generally rather dry.

Even in the rainy months, precipitation rarely reaches about 30-40 millimeters.

Climate conditions somewhat reminiscent of the Canary Islands, although the significant remoteness of these islands.

Higher parts of the island are often covered by clouds or fog.


The island’s capital Jamestown is located in the north of St. Helena and has a specific form consistent with the peculiarities of the relief.

The city is divided into sleeves, which extends the canyon valleys of the island and from all sides are surrounded by steep mountain slopes.

Otherwise, the city seems so British that it is unbelievable! Walking the streets of Jamestown you will literally feel like you’re being ported to the UK.


Saint Helena Island has quite contrasting scenery that varies dramatically from bare rocky slopes to lush rain forests (mainly in the higher and damp parts of the island).

The landscapes are quite different from the idea of a tropical paradise island.

Here practically there are no sandy beaches but for the most part there are rocky shores.

The whole island is punctuated by deep canyons between which there are narrow and elongated valleys.

Plateaus are also typical for the relief of the island.