Best Travel Tips to Oludeniz, Turkey (For Your First Trip)

oludeniz turkey

In the southwestern part of Turkey near the Mediterranean coast you will find a small but charming resort town called Oludeniz.

The settlement has a magnificent holiday atmosphere and the streets are full of foreign visitors from early spring to late autumn.

At each step before your eyes appear small souvenir shops, restaurants and cafes.

Restaurant workers with countless artistic gestures and pleasantries try to attract you for a drink or a delicious lunch among an authentic Turkish – Mediterranean atmosphere.

How to Get to Oludeniz?

oludeniz turkey
The easiest, fastest and most acceptable mean to reach Oludeniz is by plane.

For this purpose you could use the nearest international airports – Dalaman and Antalya.

You could use also the airport in Izmir.

It is however relatively remote in comparison with Dalaman and Antalya.

Convenient way of transport is also the ferryboat line, servicing between the Greek island of Rhodes and the Turkish city of Fethiye.

Oludeniz Weather

The warm subtropical Mediterranean climate allows tourists to enjoy a long and sunny summer season.

From early April to late November weather is good for a beach.

Temperatures vary from 21-23 degrees at the beginning and at the end of the season to about 34 – 35 °C at the height of summer in August.

Mild winters with daytime temperatures about 16 °C in January, do not allow seawater to cool too much.

Because of this reason the warmer spring weather comes with quickly rising sea water temperatures and this fact allows tourists to bathe and swim into the sea.

Money and Currency

For holiday in Turkey cash is always convenient and preferable.

Everywhere you could go shopping and pay in euro or Turkish lira, of course.

What to Eat in Oludeniz?

It is best to focus on seafood, as it combines price, quality and extremely good taste.

The fish is usually served with delicious fresh vegetables, ripened under the warm rays of the Mediterranean sun.

Try also local Turkish bread – it is very delicious, crunchy and aromatic.

Do not miss also the dazzling variety of sweets and desserts (local people are virtuosos of sweets).

Oludeniz Beach

The glory of this beach lies far outside the country.

Many travel postcards and advertising campaigns of the Mediterranean country show cadres of this heavenly place.

Oludeniz Beach has a unique beauty and magnetism and makes all the visitors to remain speechless before this masterpiece of Mother Nature.

With certainly if you visit Turkey this must be one of the first places in your itinerary.

Oludeniz offers beach with a length of over 2 kilometers, which in its northwestern part ends in a picturesque peninsula, forming a sheltered lagoon with clean and calm waters.

Here the sand is coarse and bright, and in some places the beach consists of white oval stones.

The water is transparent, with blue – green hues.

Over the calm sea waters rises a steep coastal mountain, whose slopes are covered with lush Mediterranean vegetation.

Oludeniz Beach is the perfect place for lovers of water sports.

Here you can enjoy a jet skiing, water scooter or diving into the azure waters of the Mediterranean.

If you do not want to be so active you can just lounge lazily on a yacht off the coast.

Particular attention, however, deserve all the sports that offer views of the coastline from above.

Most important place here takes Paragliding.

It is relatively affordable, easy and very exciting way to explore one of the most beautiful coastline in this part of the world.

The feeling to soar like a bird over Oludeniz is indescribable – green mountains, blue sea, white beach and hundreds of swimming pools shining like blue eyes under the bright Mediterranean sun.


The town is a veritable oasis.

Beautiful and not very large hotels and charming villas with swimming pools are located among exotic Mediterranean vegetation.

Most often you will see palm and olive trees.

Beautiful bushes laden with scarlet red flowers are not uncommon, especially around hotels.

The road to the sea passes through 2.5 km long hilly area surrounded by thermophilic Mediterranean forests.

Some sections of the road reveal to you a charming view of the deep blue sea, which only increases the desire to dive into the crystal clear waters, seeking coolness.

After two – three minute driving you reach the coastal part of Oludeniz.

What I missed to mention is that due to the particularities of the local landscape Oludeniz is divided into two parts.

And if that beautiful place, which I mentioned earlier is distant around 2.5 km from the coast, on the coast itself is situated the other part of Oludeniz, which is much more green, tidy, attractive and exotic!

The biggest advantage of Oludeniz is that here you will find the most beautiful beach in all of Turkey.