Best Travel Tips to Dubai, UAE in 2019 (For Your First Trip)

burj al arab

Seven Emirates form one of the richest countries in the 21st century – the UAE.

Six of them are situated on the coast of Persian Gulf.

One of the Emirates is Dubai.

50 years ago nobody could have imagine what would become Dubai in the late 20th and early 21st century.

Before to be discovered the oil in the 50es years of the 20th century, Dubai has been a small fishing village, surrounded by dry, barren, mostly rocky desert.

burj khalifa

But in the mid 20th century gets clear that the area of Dubai is soaked of petrol.

In this moment river of currency flows to the poor Emirate and turn the infertile desert into a oasis.

The countries from all over the world pay every year milliards of dollar about the “black gold” and this fact strongly change the standard of life and lifestyle in Dubai.

The medical care and education go through constantly improving of its quality.

The sprouting of new jobs even can not be covered by the small number of the local people.

This gives impetus to waves of immigrants that will turn the city into the metropolis with largest number of foreigners as a percentage of the population.

It is considered that 60% of the population is consists of immigrants from other countries.

burj al arab

Mostly of the immigrants are from the surrounding countries, but can be seen also people from Europe, America, Australia, Japan and so on.

Today about 700 000 people live and work here, but if you visit this city you will stay with the impressing that they are much more, because of the great number of tourists on the streets.

Speaking about tourism, we reach to the turning point into the Dubai economy, when the society is at very high level of development and don’t wish to be in dependence of the oil export.

The billions of dollar should be invest into the economy because to ensure to the country as high life standard as today even when the last drop of oil is over.

This day will come with certainly and every day is more and more nearby.

dubai beach

The choice is not difficult.

Dubai is one of the sunniest cities that you can imagine.

It has beautiful white sandy beaches.

The average daily temperature in the coldest month is 25°C and there is only 10 rainy days in the year.

In such nice conditions the tourism is maybe the most perspective branch of the economy, but we reach to another very important moment!

How do you can attract in this part of the world the people that every year spend their holiday for example on the Mediterranean and the Caribbean?

Dubai financial district UAE

The classical Mediterranean and exotic Caribbean Islands are incredible competitor and it could be very difficult to attract the tourist attention in one new destination.

Dubai has warm and shiny climate, but the conditions on the coast of southern Europe are not worse.

During the years the Mediterranean and Central America are turn into the trademark of the international tourism and one destination have to be very ambitious to reach even partly their level of attractiveness.

But Dubai has incredible success! It shock the world.

desert near dubai

It build hotels that can amazed the world with their lux and incredible architecture.

Here has built the first seven stars hotel in the world – Burj al Arab (in translate – Arabian tower).

And projects such as Palm Jumeirah can just carry you in the future.

This is a land built into the sea.

It present an artificial island with the shape of palm, that has built up with luxury hotels and villas.

But one of the most eccentric ideas, however, was to build a map of the world into the sea, where each state could be an island!

This project has really gripped the interest of the world, but Dubai didn’t stop here.

Not long ago has completed the tower of Burj Dubai (in translate – Dubai Tower).

It has reached the record high of 825m!

This building really stopped the attention of the world to itself.

All these projects help to Dubai not only to develop its tourist industry, but also to become one of the world leaders in this sector on the planet!

Dubai amazing city

But Palm Jumeirah, the artificial island that present the world map, as well as the great tower of Burj Dubai, are not the only that make the city to be one of the world leaders in the tourist industry.

The city has perfect infrastructure and the streets and highways are so well-kept that man could not believe!

The parks and gardens are watered regularly, because to maintain the atypical lush greenness for these climatic conditions.

Dubai has numerous of luxury boutiques and malls, where the goods are of the highest quality.

The restaurants are countless and all of them are very attractive. But this is not all!

Dubai made a huge step in terms of the acceptance and tolerance of the foreigners of different religions and cultures.

The western tourists not only visit this wonderful city, but feel in it as in their waters irrespective of their culture and religious beliefs.

The Climate of Dubai

mist over the financial center Dubai
Dubai has dry and hot tropical climate.

It is situated immediately to the north tropical circle.

The average daily temperatures vary from 38°C in July and August, to the much more acceptable 25°C in January.

Because of the fact that the air is really very dry, the difference between the daily and night temperatures is significant.

In the summer nights the temperatures can drop to 18°C that is ½ of the daily temperatures.

The winter nights can be even cooler.

The thermometers often show 10°C. The precipitations are insignificant.

The biggest part of them fall into the winter months – January and February, but not more than 10 days.

Sometimes the rainy days can be less.

The weather is suitable for beach and swimming all year around, but the weather in the winter is much more comfortable.

The water  temperatures of the Persian Gulf in the summer months can reach 35°C!

Because of this reason many visitor, especially if they come from the temperate climate zone of Europe and America, can feel discomfort in these conditions, because in the temperate latitudes there is no similar heats.

In January and February the water temperatures vary between 20 and 25°C and because of this reason the conditions in the winter are much more easy bearable.