Best Travel Tips to USA (For Your First Trip)

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The United States of America is the third largest country in the world. In north it borders on Canada and in south – on Mexico. It occupies an area of 9 826 630 It has population of around 307 000 000 people. The country is consisted of 50 states and one federal district – Columbia. The capital of the country is Washington. Except Canada and Mexico, USA borders on the Atlantic (east coast) and Pacific (west coast). USA is giant country with great natural resources.

monument valley usaOfficial language is English and official currency is US dollar (USD). USA is the most cosmopolitan and international country on the planet. It has the most powerful army in the world.

Together by the countries of the European Union, The United States of America is one of the richest in the world. It really possesses unlimited opportunities. The country is one of the world leaders in the science and technologies.

austin texas usa city skylineThe United States are situated entirely in the northern and in the western hemisphere. The strike of the large relief forms is from the north to the south.

The western part of the country has mainly mountainous relief and it is occupied by the range of Rocky Mountains. The eastern part of the country has flat relief with the exception of the Appalachian Mountains that is situated parallel with the Atlantic coast.

The Appalachian Mountains are covered by broad-leaved forest. This mountain range is old relief form and for this region are not typical the strong and dangerous earthquake.

yellowstone national parkThe territories between the Appalachian Mountains and Rocky Mountains are occupied by flat relief. In the foot of the Rocky Mountains are situated the Great Planes.

Because of the fertile soils this region is famous as the Granary of the United States.

The most fertile areas of the Great Planes are situated on the territory of Texas, because of the combination of warm subtropical climate and fertile soils. The territory of the Great Planes is famous as “climate corridor” or “tornado alley”.

the capitol washington usaBecause of the flat relief and the missing of mountains in the north and south the air masses pass through this area freely and the weather can change dramatically.

South Dakota, Nebraska, Minnesota, Iowa, Kansas, Colorado, Oklahoma and Texas are the most affected of the devastating effect of the tornadoes. The natural vegetation in this area is grassy.

The western part of the country is occupied by the young mountain range of Rocky Mountains. Many of the mountain peaks are covered with snow all year around.

The seismic activity in this part of the country is high. It is occurs frequently strong earthquakes, some of them devastating. But this region is also with the fastest growing economy in the country.

alaska in summerThe biggest part of the mountains is covered by lush, green pine forests. Significant part of the south-west states are occupied by deserts and waste territories.

The moist air from the Pacific can’t get over the barrier of high mountains. In the south-west part of the USA, on the territory of California is situated on of the driest places on the planet – The Dead Valley.

The states of Hawaii and Alaska are also part of the western states but they don’t border on them.

The climate of USA. The United States of America get into the borders of five climatic zones. There are not other countries on the planet occupying so many climate zones.

From north to south can be seen polar, sub-polar, temperate, sub-tropic and tropic climate zones. The United States consist the following parts:

minnesoita autumn trees-North-east region. It occupies the north Atlantic coast, The Great Lakes, the north part of the Appalachian Mountains and so on.

This is the first region that has been inhabited from the Europeans. One of the main reasons is that the climate conditions in this part of the United States remains to the conditions in Europe.

The temperate continental climate has four different seasons – winter, spring, summer and autumn. The biggest city in the United States is situated namely here – this is New York.

The temperatures in New York are very nice in the spring and autumn. They vary between 10 and 20°C. The winter is very cold.

philadelphiaThe average temperatures in January vary between (- 5) °C in the night and 3°C in the day. The summer is very hot. The hottest month is July. The temperatures are between 19°C in the night and 28°C in the day.

The precipitations are uniformly spread in the year. Of course, the conditions in this region are not absolutely identical, but yet similar. This part of the USA is covered by deciduous forests.

-The south-east part of the country has wet subtropical climate. It occupies the all south-east states without Florida. The states in this region have wet and hot climate in the biggest part of the year.

Only the winter is cool, but not cold. The average daily temperature in Atlanta, Georgia is 10°C in January and 32°C in July. The precipitations are significant all year around especially in the winter months.

The daily temperatures in the spring and autumn are more than 20°C. The conditions in this part of the country are perfect for cultivation of cotton. The biggest part of this region is covered by deciduous forests.

colorado mountains wild nature pine treesFlorida is the third region of the United States. It has small territory in comparison with the other region but at the expense of this fact Florida can boasts with incredible biological diversity and specific climate conditions.

The peninsula of Florida has hot tropical climate with significant precipitations in the rainy season (from April to November). The vegetation of Florida is presented by broad-leaved, evergreen species.

Because of the flat relief and the significant precipitations the biggest part of the territory of the state is covered by marshes.

ohio autumn treesThe coastline of Florida is very attractive to the tourists all year round. The beaches offer white sand and beautiful coco palms.

In the southern part of Florida can be seen the only coral reef on the territory of the United States (with the exception of Hawaii) the matter in hand about Florida Keys.

The small islands are situated in the southern-most part of the peninsula.

This is a real paradise for the tourists. The daily temperatures in Miami (the biggest city of Florida) vary between 23°C in January and 31°C in August.

From April to November is the Hurricane Season. Florida is one of the most affected of hurricanes places on the planet.

-The region of the central states borders on the Canadian border in the north and Mexican Bay in the south. It occupies mainly the Great Planes and other territories with flat relief.

The landscape in this part of the country is comparatively monotonous. The flat relief is covered by grassy vegetation. Here can be found some of the biggest agricultural land on the planet.

The landscape remains Argentina and Ukraine. The climate in the northern and southern parts of this region is very different. For example the climate of the state of North Dakota the climate is temperate – continental.

The summer is very hot and the winter – very cold. The daily temperatures in January are (-10) °C and the night temperatures are (-20) °C.

san diego downtown of the cityIn the spring the temperatures jump sharply from 0°C to 20°C! The daily summer temperatures are around 29 – 30°C. In the southern part of the central region the climate is subtropical.

The weather in Dallas, Texas is usually hot. In the winter the temperatures are lower – between 10 and 15°C. The spring and autumn are very warm, sometimes even hot.

The daily summer temperatures are rarely lower than 30°C. This region is famous as the “Tornado alley” because of the frequent tornadoes in this part of the United States.

-The fifth region of the country is the north-west. It occupies the northern part of the Rocky Mountains and the northern Pacific coast. The climate is temperate oceanic on the coast.

In the mountains every winter fall deep snow cover. In the highest parts of the mountain range there is snow cover all year around.

On the ocean coast the climate is absolutely different. The summer is cool with daily temperatures reaching 23°C in July and August.

seattle washington usa night skylineBecause of the influence of the Pacific Ocean the winter is very mild with daily temperatures reaching 8°C in January.

Because of the cool summer and mild winter, as well as the significant precipitations, the climate of Seattle, Washington remains to the spring all year around.

The local climate remains also the conditions in the southern part of the British Islands. The north-west part of the United States is famous with its lush and green vegetation. The biggest part of the territory is occupied by pine forests.

-The south-west region is one of the most attractive in the country. It occupies the southern part of the Rocky Mountains as well as the southern Pacific coast.

The south-west coast has warm subtropical climate that remain to the Mediterranean coast. The summers are long and hot, and the winters are mild and humid.

In the inland the climate is very dry. In some areas because of the hot and dry climate are formed deserts. For example the dead valley in California.

alaska usa mountain viewHere are some of the highest measured temperatures in the world. The daily temperatures in San Diego in January are 19°C and in August and September reach 25°C.

The closeness to the Pacific Ocean brings to this area coolness and very pleasant climate. In this reason this is one of the most populated areas in the United States.

From April to November lasts the dry season. The precipitations in this period are extremely scanty.

The vegetation is presented of evergreen species as citruses, palms, cacti and olive trees. These species are excellent adapted to the hot and dry climate.

Hawaii Islands are the seventh region of the United States. The islands has wet tropical climate. The temperatures are all year around high. The precipitations are significant.

The islands are covered by lush, green tropical forests. The splendid beaches, the ecological clean environment, as well as the picturesque landscapes are magnet to more than seven millions of tourists that visit the islands every year.

dallas morning-Alaska is the eight region of the United States. This is the biggest state in the country. Because of the harsh climate conditions this region is not dense populated.

Only the southern coastal area has temperate climate. Here is concentrated the biggest part of the population of Alaska.

The temperate and subarctic areas are covered by lush green pine forests. The northern-most parts of the country get into the arctic climate zone. The temperatures are negative almost all year around.

The United States are country rich of water resources. But the waters are not uniformly spread on the territory of the country.

For example in Alaska can be found thousands of rivers and lakes, while other states as Arizona and Nevada are very dry.

On the territory of the United States is situated the biggest fresh water lake on the planet – Superior Lake.

It is situated on the border between USA and Canada. Huron, Michigan, Erie and Ontario are other significant fresh water lakes. Here can be found one of the biggest rivers on the planet – Mississippi.

las vegas in the nightBefore to flow into the Mexican Bay, the river cross almost the all territory of the country from the north to the south. In the Rocky Mountains can be found a lot of glaciers lakes with cold, clean and limpid waters.

The highest peak of the United States is the peak of McKinley (6193m), that is situated on the territory of Alaska. In USA there are 388 national parks and other preserved territories.

This is amazing for one country even if this country is The USA. The diversity of animal species is great. It is presented by puma, black bear, Grizzly bear, does, deers, bald-eagle, condor, alligator, different types of reptiles, amphibians and so on.

The United States are the third most populated country on the planet after China and India. Tens of American cities have population of more than one million people.

Some of the most famous cities are New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, Philadelphia, San Diego, San Francisco, San Antonio, Huston, Miami, Boston, Phoenix, Seattle and so on.

The population of this cities is very cosmopolitan. On the streets of the American cities you can hear hundreds of languages.

oregon magic view mountain lakeThe United States has significant natural resources. After the coming of millions of European emigrants in the era of the Gold Rush is one of the world leader, but this time in the not in gold but in petrol.

But the biggest wealth of the United States is its large territory and what is more – the perfect occupation of this large territory. The biggest part of the territory of the United States gets into the subtropical and temperate climate zone.

The United States has the most powerful and versatile economy on the planet. Because of the extremely adequate and appropriate education which introduces the latest achievements of the science and technologies the U.S. economy is rapidly developing in all sectors ranging agriculture to the high-tech industry.

One of the reasons for the rapid economic development is that USA tries to attract the young and skilled people from all over the world through an attractive remuneration and good prospects for making their way up.