Best Travel Tips to California (For Your First Trip)

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California is the most attractive state in America. It is center of the American film industry. The biggest part of the US citizens wish to live in this sunny and beautiful state. Why California is so attractive? Because of the unlimited opportunities, the closeness of the Pacific and the warm climate. Today in California live around 35 000 000 people. This is the most populated state.

golden gate bridgeClimate of California. The climate of California is subtropical, but is too different in the northern and southern part of the state. In the northern parts the winter is mild and humid, the summer is warm on the coast and hot in the interior.

The temperatures in Sacramento can reach 35 °C in July and can drop to 12 °C in December and January. In April, May, June, July, August, September and October the weather is warm and sunny.

san francisco downtownThis is the summer season. The coolest “summer “month is April – the daily temperatures are around 22 – 23 °C. The hottest is July.

The average daily temperatures are around 35 °C, but sometimes can reach 40 °C and even 45 °C! As a result of the dry climate, the differences between daily and night temperatures are significant.

The average night temperatures are around 3 °C in January and only 13 °C in July. The autumn lasts one month (November).

In the day the weather is very nice – around 17 – 18 °C. December, January and February is the winter season. The temperatures vary between 12 and 16 °C in the day, but can be very cold at night.

san francisco skylineUsually 3 – 4 °C. The spring also lasts one month – March. The weather is similar to November – 17 – 18 °C.

You can see that the local climate is typical Mediterranean – long, hot and dry summer, short and mild winter and insignificant transition seasons (spring and autumn).

The climate on the coast is also subtropical but strongly modified by the cold ocean currents that pass around the coast.

The closeness of the ocean make the winter warmer – daily temperatures around 14 °C, but also make the summer cool – the temperatures can reach 23 °C in September in San Francisco.

seaside of south californiaThe winter is also humid and the summer dry. Interesting specific here is the great number of misty days in the year (especially in the summer months). But yet the climate in San Francisco is mild.

Six months in the year the temperatures are more than 18 °C. The conditions are not typical Mediterranean. The temperatures of the ocean here is very low in every season even in the summer is not higher than 11 – 12 °C! The conditions are never suitable for swimming in the ocean.

The conditions in South California are absolutely different. The sea water is warmer and the beaches are full from March to November.

The winter in Los Angeles and San Diego is very short. The daily temperatures in Los Angeles in January are 19 °C and 29 °C in August and September. The weather can be very hot in some summer days.

alcatraz islandSometimes the temperatures can reach 40 °C. In the winter falls the main part of the precipitation. The climate is typical Mediterranean – sunny and healthy.

The nice climate conditions attract the people from every part of the USA. South California is one of the most populated parts of the United States.

Around the coast you can see one of the most populated areas on the planet – the megalopolis San-San (San Francisco and San Diego).

Between San Francisco and San Diego almost everything is living area. Very difficult is to be found the border between Los Angeles and San Diego.

panoramic view to californiaThe two cities are already absolutely fused. Most populated is Los Angeles. It has population of around 14 000 000 people. The city agglomeration is 7 500 000 people.

The agglomeration of San Diego is less populated than LA and San Francisco – 2 800 000 people. Although this state is the most densely populated in USA, it is personification of the American dream.

The richest American state is built-up by expensive living areas situated among subtropical Mediterranean plants. The action of the biggest part of the Hollywood productions is laid in California.

Most of the films reproduce the local atmosphere really authentically. Indeed in California (especially San Diego) you can find a lot of rich residential district, where the people don‘t lock their houses yet and it is just as if they live in some other world.

venice beachFew people know that the capital of California is not some of the large world famous cities but the less famous Sacramento. Few people also know the fact that Los Angeles is not a city.

Usually is called Administrative compromise. Actually it represent almost 90 towns connected in one large city. San Bernardino, Hollywood, Santa Ana, Long Beach and so on are not residential areas but towns.

In California you can find some world famous beaches as Malibu, Pasadena, Coronado, Pismo beach, La Jolla and so on.

They are real paradise for the lovers of the surfing, particularly during the winter months when the waves are gigantic. Here the healthy lifestyle is in esteem.

On the promenade of Los Angeles and San Diego you can see great many people to run or walk tirelessly under the strong Californian sun. Here the keeping fit is very important. The beautiful body and bronzed skin are part of the local philosophy.

san diego at nightCalifornia has many natural landmarks. The magnificent beaches are just a little part of the California‘s beauties. Yosemite National Park is one of the most beautiful in America.

This is a long and narrow valley covered by lush pine forests, surrounded by high rocks. On the cliffs you can see spectacular waterfalls.

Here you can find great diversity of animal species – black bear, coyote, puma, black tailed deer and so on.

But maybe the the most interesting is the sequoia. These trees are unique. They are one of the tallest and long-lived on the planet.

Here you can find trees older than 2000 years. Some sequoias are so large that through the trees have built ways and tunnels.

sequoia forestThe Death valley is other interesting phenomenon. This is a depression under the sea level. This is the lowest place of the United States.

The summer heats are unbearable and the winter nights – frosty. Here has been measured some of the highest temperatures on the planet. Here has been measured the second highest temperatures after Al Azizia, Libya.

The winter daily temperatures are very nice – around 18 – 19 °C. The European settlements have given the name‘‘Death,, the valley because of the hard and unbearable conditions. They thought it is absolutely impossible man to survive here, especially during the summer.

san diego californiaThe drawback of California with certainly are the frequent earthquakes. The local residents know what is a real disaster.

The reason for the frequent earthquakes is the separation to the part of California from the continental plate. You can see this spiting if you visit the cleft of San Andres not far from Los Angeles. It is spread in direction north-south.

The other negative side of Los Angeles and the other Californian cities is that their streets are intended for moving by car, but not for pedestrians.

The sidewalks are narrow and in many places even are missing. Furthermore, the plant, especially in Los Angeles is absolutely scanty. The city is one of the least planted in USA, but in so hot and sunny city as LA, the shadow of the trees is very important.

In Los Angeles is full of sunny and heated streets where the only shadow is under the Royal Palms.