Best Travel Tips to Hawaii, USA (For Your First Trip)

waikiki oaho hawaii

Hawaii is one of the United States. This archipelago is situated on the north tropical circle in the Pacific Ocean on the half way between North America and Asia. It is consists of five bigger and few smaller islands. The bigger islands are Hawaii, Maui, Molokai, Oahu and Kauai. These volcanic islands have population of around 1 300 000 people. They are world famous as tourist destination number one. The islands are attractive because of their excellent climate and incredible Pacific culture.

waikiki oahu hawaiiClimate of Hawaii. The climate of Hawaii is tropical – wet and warm all year around. The daily temperatures in Hawaii are 24 °C in February and 29 °C in August and September.

The driest month is June, and the wettest are December and January. The weather is very nice, because here the conditions are ever easy bearable.

The temperatures are never too high or too low. The temperatures in the night are between 19 and 23 °C all year round.

During the winter months (December, January and February), the north shore of Maui is hot spot for surfers from all over the world. Under the influence of the strong north winds, the waves here are terrible!

hawaii beachThey could not be described. You can see 30 meters high waves that are breaking in the coral reefs not far from the coast.

This place is suitable only for experienced surfers, because if you are not sure in your abilities, these waves can be deadly.

Most famous from the Hawaii islands are Maui, Oahu and Hawaii. The common between the islands of the archipelago is the lush jungles that cover them.

Distinguishing feature in the landscape is the mountainous relief. High mountains are standing vertically.

On their slopes you can see heavenly, beautiful waterfalls whose waters are loosing into the lush greenness. The highest parts of the mountains, on some of the islands are ever covered by snow.

The most populated island is Oahu. Here is situated the capital of the state – Honolulu.

This is one modern city, home to great diversity of nations. This is the most important city on the archipelago. Similar to the other island Oahu is also volcanic.

However, the volcano today already is not active. For its past remain only the caldera named Diamond Head.

It is picturesque situated in the south-east part of the island. In the foot of the volcano is situated Honolulu.

green landscapeHere, except the capital and the Diamond Head you can see the main landmark of Hawaii – the world famous beach of Waikiki.

It is protected of the strong northern winds during the winter months, through the mountains situated in the central part of the island.

Waikiki occupies the southern coast of the island. The coral reefs protect the coast from big ocean waves. The waters are ever calm and limpid.

The beach is surrounded by palm trees and greenness. Behind the greenness you can find luxury hotels and restaurants.

honolulu waikikiMaui is maybe the most beautiful island on the archipelago. High mountains, deep and green canyons, high waterfalls, incredible white and black beaches, full of life jungles – this is the incredible beauty of Maui.

The assertion that Maui is the most beautiful island of the archipelago can be confirmed by the fact that Maui is the most visited of the Hawaii Islands.

You have to visit also the historical village of Lahaina on the north-west shore. The waters in north-west, west, south-west and south are shallow and here you can see great diversity of coral reefs and fishes.

The island is famous with its unbelievable beautiful valleys, covered by lush greenness. The biggest city in Maui is Wailuku. Its population is around 20 000 people.

hawaii tropical forestIt is situated on the north shore of Maui. In the winter the daily temperatures are around 24 – 25 °C, but the strong northern winds are something usual.

These winds are reason for the giant ocean waves on the northern shore. The view is spectacular! 30 meters high waves unload all their power and they can crush everybody who can not estimate his ability.

If you visit Maui, you have to see the National Park Haleakala. The crater of the volcano Haleakala is 800m deep and 34km wide. It is usually covered by clouds because of the height of 3055m.

hawaii canyonThe biggest island is Hawaii (Big Island). It has given its name to the all archipelago. Except the biggest, Hawaii is the highest of the islands. The highest point is the volcano Mauna Kea – 4205m.

This volcano is quite a while ago absolutely extinct. Here is situated and the biggest active volcano on the planet.

Its name is Mauna Loa. Except Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa here is situated the most active volcano – Kilauea. It is 1598m high.

tropical rainforest hawaiiThe economy of the archipelago is based by the tourism and agriculture. Pine-apple, coffee and sugar-cane are some of the main culture that the local farmers cultivate.

Every year 7.7 million people visit this paradise archipelago and make their dreams come true.

It is not secret that the local landscapes and beaches are among the most beautiful in the world.

The local climate is easy bearable. On the top of Mauna Kea is situated observatory with one of the most vigorous telescopes in the world.