Best Travel Tips to Las Vegas, USA (For Your First Trip)

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Las Vegas is located in the West of the United States, in the southern parts of Nevada. It is situated in the heart of the Mojave Desert, about 600 meters above sea level and occupies flat area, surrounded of naked and barren mountains. The vicinity is almost completely devoid of vegetation.

strip boulevard las vegasOnly some kinds of cactuses, shrubs and herbaceous plants survive here. The surrounding deserts are home to different types of snakes, birds, small rodents, scorpions and insects.

Sometimes dangerous poisonous snakes settle down in suburbs of Las Vegas, making the green courtyards of the houses their home!

las vegas nightThe history of Las Vegas began during the early thirties of the 19th century, many decades before the city was founded. Among the first permanent European settlers in Las Vegas Valley were a small number of Mormon missionaries who came here from Utah.

They built a fort and began to develop agriculture in the area. They used the natural springs of this otherwise desert region to water their crops.

Because of the presence of water, the place was a real oasis in the middle of the wilderness and that was the main reason to be called Las Vegas (the Spanish word for “Lawns”).

Established in 1905, Las Vegas officially became a city six years later. Initially, it was completely different from what you will see if you walk along its streets today.

It was nothing more than a place to store with water during the long way to Southern California through the dry, sunny and hot lands of the American Southwest. Several events during the first half of the 20th century stimulated the further development of Las Vegas.

During the first decade of the 20th century, the company “Railway Pacific Road” built a railroad to California and that was the first most important step.

Another milestone in the development of the town was the rapid growth of its population. The number of local residents doubled and even tripled every ten years.

During the 1930s was constructed Hoover Dam, which for years was the largest in the world. It is built on the Colorado River and its construction allows the existence of a modern metropolis as it is today Las Vegas.

In 1931, gambling was legalized. The massive construction of casinos in Las Vegas began in the 40s of the 20th century.

The Second World War, surprisingly, brought a stimulating effect on gambling and entertainment in the city.

The most often associated with Las Vegas are the names of the gangster “Bugsy” Siegel, considered one of the founders of the “Sin City”, the King of Rock Elvis Presley, and the name of one of the greatest performers of all time Frank Sinatra, who sang in some of the most luxurious hotels and casinos for over four decades.

Every visitor to Las Vegas sees the city in a completely different way. For lovers of gambling and nightclubs, it is a Mecca for entertainment, but for others it is simply a kind of kitsch.

Everything depends on what you are looking for and what type of person you are. However, it is advisable, if you can afford it, to visit this place at least once in your life. It is often said that Las Vegas never sleeps.

The truth is that the city actually sleeps during the day. Under the bright desert midday sun, Las Vegas is not very lively place. The combination of heat and lack of shade makes most people spend at home or hotel the hottest midday hours.

The excitement usually begins in the evening when the city gradually starts to shine in thousands of colors. The streets of Las Vegas are a fairy-tale of light.

Thousands of neon signs invite tourists in all types of restaurants that offer entertainment for everybody. Themed bars and clubs, cabarets, and chic restaurants with panoramic views toward the sea of light will make your nights in Las Vegas extremely fun and enjoyable experience.

Most exciting, however, is to visit at least one of Las Vegas casinos, which are considered the best in the world.

And if you’re not into gaming, you do not need to play. You can just mingle with the other guests and watch people playing black jack, roulette or something else.

las vegas casinosThe main attraction in Las Vegas is the Strip. With its lenght of over 6.5 kilometers, this is the most exciting part of Las Vegas, passing near some of the most expensive and attractive hotels in the world.

It will not be an exaggeration if you describe it as the street, offering the greatest variety of entertainment in America.

A walk in Vegas should include a visit to world famous hotels such as Palms, MGM Grand Las Vegas, Mandalay Bay, Casino Sahara, Luxor, Hardrock Hotel and Casino, Bellagio, the Mirage, Tropicana Avenue, The Venetian Resort Hotel Casino, Caesars Palace, Royal, Monte Carlo Treasure Island, Paris and many others.

Do not miss the New York-New York Hotel, representing a smaller version of New York’s Manhattan, which even has its own Statue of Liberty.

One of the treasures of the city is Wynn Las Vegas, considered one of the most expensive and luxurious hotels in the world.

For its development were needed approximately $ 2.7 billion! Among the landmarks of the city is also casino Flamingo, created by Benjamin „Bugsy“ Siegel. It is advisable to visit also the Eiffel Tower, built as a model of the world famous tower in Paris.

Do not miss the old Mormon fort, which keeps memory of the birth of Las Vegas. Do not miss to visit also the 350-meters high tower of the Stratosphere Hotel and Casino. From the top of the tower reveals stunning panoramic view of Las Vegas.

One of the greatest attractions in “Sin City” are its numerous wedding chapels which are more than 50.

Because of local legislation, Las Vegas is the best place to get married according tens of thousands of tourists every year.

Among the city’s attractions are also its museums. Perhaps for you will be quite interesting to visit the National Museum of Organized Crime, known as the Mob Museum.

Here you can get to know the past of Las Vegas and its underworld in an extraordinary and exciting way. It is advisable also to visit some of the galleries in the city, especially if you’re a fan of art.

Do not miss also China Town, located not far from the biggest attractions of Vegas. If you happen to get tired of night life and casinos, and want to spend time in nature, then you should visit the Floyd Lamb Park, located in the northern tip of the city.

Here you will find fresh greenery and a few small ponds with quietly swimming waterfowl.

neon lights las vegasClimate. Las Vegas has a subtropical desert climate. One of the major misconceptions is about the weather in this city. It is clear, sunny, and dry throughout the year.

Probably for this reason most people think that Las Vegas offers eternal summer. There are, however, two very different seasons, summer and winter.

The average daily temperatures in the city vary significantly throughout the year. Summers in Las Vegas last from April to October and bring average day-time temperatures over 25°C, surpassing 40°C in the shade in July and August.

Winters in Vegas are usually cool and shorter than summers, with temperatures below 18°C, falling to around 13 – 14°C in January.

Snowfall is a rare occurrence in the city, but some higher laying areas in the vicinity are regularly covered with snow. The palms that thrive in Las Vegas are evergreen, but many other plants lose their leaves in winter.

Night-time temperatures in Las Vegas are pleasant during the summer months and range between 17 and 26°C. However, winter nights are cold, sometimes frosty. The average night-time temperature in January range between 0 and 5°C, but temperatures below freezing are also possible.

When to visit Las Vegas? April and October are the best months to visit Las Vegas. If you are planning to travel during the spring or autumn months as a whole, you will get the most enjoyable weather, avoiding too cold winter nights or too hot summer days.

How to get there? McCarran International Airport maintains international flights to and from countries around the world. It is located just a few streets away from the most luxurious casinos and hotels of Las Vegas. In addition, from Los Angeles International Airport to Las Vegas it will take approximately 4-5 hours of driving.

Specifications. The streets of Las Vegas allow pretty easy orientation because most of them run in a north – south and east – west direction.

The main disadvantage of Las Vegas is its relatively poorly developed public transport. If you are planning to visit the most remote areas and neighborhoods in Las Vegas, it would be better for you to rent a car or use taxi services.

Another shortcoming is the lack of greenery in the city urban area, making it difficult to walk around outside during the hot summer midday hours.

Additional information:

Population: 590 000.

Agglomeration: about 1,5 million.

Official language: English.

Known as: The gambling capital of the world.

Another nickname for Las Vegas: “Sin City”

Currency: US Dollar.