Best Travel Tips to Malibu (California)

malibu california

Nestled between the Santa Monica Mountains and the coast of the Pacific Ocean, Malibu is a small town with a population of about 13,000 people. It is often described as one of the most luxurious and attractive suburbs of the second largest U.S. metropolis, Los Angeles.

malibu at sunsetMalibu is quite narrow and elongated strip, surrounded by steep mountain slopes. The city-district is known for its luxury coastal properties.

Popular series like “Baywatch” and later “Two and a Half Men” successfully reflect the glamour of the city. Perhaps most emblematic of Malibu are the coastal houses, built on high columns on the sand itself.

What to see while in Malibu? One of the biggest attractions of the city is the Malibu Pier. It is well-known to us from dozens of American movies as a symbol of the California coast.

It was built in 1906 and already more than a century welcomes millions of tourists and locals. If you’re a fan of art do not miss the Getty Museum, known for its valuable works of art. In Malibu luxury is everywhere.

Most of the city is occupied by magnificent mansions and coastal villas that please the eye of tourists and casual passers-by. It is no accident that many American celebrities choose to buy a property in Malibu.

malibu californiaNature. Malibu is known for its magnificent coastline. Probably the most famous are the beaches of Zuma and Topanga. Thanks to its great beaches, Malibu has earned fame for being the American Riviera.

The beaches are really beautiful and very extensive. They are covered with fine golden, beige and light-brown sand.

As a result of the cold California Current which runs along the coast, Malibu’s marine waters are cool and the temperature varies between 13 and 19°C throughout the year.

In some places the shores are very steep, which gives them a Mediterranean look. In the area of the city grows typical dry-loving Mediterranean vegetation, mostly cacti, dry bushes and tall palm trees.

The relief’s peculiarities are the main reason why Malibu is growing in length along the coast. In some places the distance between the mountains and the beach is so small that allows only the construction of a row of houses.

The fauna in the vicinity is presented mainly by rodents, birds, lizards, frogs and snakes, some of which are highly poisonous!

Climate. Malibu has a subtropical Mediterranean climate. The average number of sunny and cloudless days per year is about 281. Summers are very warm with scarce rainfall and temperatures around 27 – 28°C.

However, in Malibu are possible heats over 40 degrees in the shade. This is something that happens rarely, but the likelihood to occur is greatest in the second and warmer half of the summer.

Winters are also very nice. Normally, in Malibu weather is coldest in December and January with temperatures around 18°C. Usually almost all the annual precipitation falls during the winter period between November and March.

The rainiest month in Malibu is February. In extremely rare cases strong tropical storms invade from the Pacific Ocean.

Snowfall in Malibu is not entirely impossible. It is, however, rare phenomenon, which happens once every few decades.

Transportation. Malibu is located next to Los Angeles. The distance to the city is approximately 24 kilometers.

The Pacific Coast Highway runs along the entire coast of Malibu, providing very fast and easy access to Los Angeles and its International Airport (one of the biggest in the world).

Since it is considered that LA is the city with the largest area in the world, most convenient and suitable way to travel around this vast metropolis is by renting your own car.

Note also that the city – suburb of Malibu extends for over 30 km along the Pacific coast, so normally you would not get very far without car or bus.

Of course, LA boasts a very good bus network, but when it comes to such large distances is always good to have your own car.

When to visit Malibu? Malibu is year-round attractive tourist destination. However, during the months of May, June, October and November Malibu’s temperatures are most pleasant and reach to about 23 – 24°C. July, August and September are hot and in winter it can get chilly.

malibu beachWhat clothes should I wear? The preparation of your suitcase is very important moment before travelling to Malibu. The reason is that the days are almost always warm, nice and sunny even in winter, but the nights are quite cold.

Malibu’s night temperatures are usually between 8 and 16 degrees, and warm clothing is needed, especially during the winter season.

For this reason it is best to combine t-shirt and short pants with warmer clothing like a sweater and jacket, which will be useful at night.

Do not forget sunscreen. Malibu’s everyday life runs mainly along the coast, so it is better to protect carefully your skin from sunburn, no matter of the season. Sunglasses are not a luxury but a necessity.