Best Travel Tips to Miami, FL (For Your First Trip)

Miami Florida USA

Miami is situated in the southern most parts of Florida. It is situated on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, in approximately 70 km from the coast of the Bahama Island and about 200 km from the north coast of the Caribbean island of Cuba. Miami is one of the lowest parts of the flat relief state. The surrounding area of the resort as well as the entire southern part of Florida are occupied by lakes, wetlands and partly flooded tropical forests. The significant humidity is typical for this part of the state. In the immediate vicinity of the city is located one of the most popular national parks in the world – Everglades National Park.

Miami Florida USAThe biggest parts of the visitors are eager to visit it, because in the park they can see alligators, herons and other exotic animals, and if could be lucky, they could see even some cougar!

Because of the closeness to the Caribbean Islands, Miami is often used as a starting point for many cruises.

Miami gets into the tropical climate zone of North America, because of its location on the 26° northern latitude. The weather is warm and humid all year around.

During the summer months the weather humidity is around 90%. The coldest month is January. The average daily temperatures are around 24°C.

The summer is very hot with average daily temperatures in July and August are around 32°C. The night temperatures are also high. In July and August they can reach 26°C.

white sandy beach Miami FloridaEven in January the night temperatures reach 17°C. Although the weather is rainy all year around, the biggest part of the precipitations fall during the summer months – from April to November. This is also the season of the hurricanes.

We should note that if you are from the temperate latitudes of Europe and North America, you actually don’t know what is a REAL rainfall. The weather on the tropics can breaks very fast!

The sky suddenly gets dark and pouring breathtaking rain on the background of thunderstorm! Fortunately, one or two hours later the sun is shining and sky is clear and cloudless again and only the puddles and the moisture on the asphalt reminiscent about the rain.

As a whole, similar climatic phenomenons are typical for the warm and humid tropical regions of our planet, but in Miami the hurricanes, storms and precipitations are much more intensive, because of the warm waters of the Caribbean Sea.

Miami DowntownActually, this is one of the warmest seas on the planet. The season of the hurricanes lasts from April to November. Their activity is significant also in south-east Asia and Japan (the storms in Asia are known as typhoons), but Florida has not competition.

The biggest part of the hurricanes come from south-east. The hurricanes can be divided into 5 categories in depending of their strength – first, second, third, fourth and fifth.

Some hurricanes are too strong and in some cases the local population have to be evacuated.

Miami beach summer season 12 monthsFortunately, hurricanes of fifth category can be seen rare. In most cases the damages are something as broken branches of trees, broken windows and overturned rubbish bins and so on.

Despite the city is predisposed to tropical storms, it is a real paradise and millions of people from all over the world wish to visit it or dream to live here.

Most of the homes of the locals has built to withstand to the natural disasters. The love of the people to the warm climate, white beaches and coco palm trees is obviously bigger than the fear of the hurricanes.

The population of Miami is approximately 500 000 people, but the whole urban area is much more populated. The whole urban area has about 4 900 000 people, but the great dynamic of the population makes very difficult the accurate census of it.

However, let’s don’t forget that Miami is one international resort that receive millions of tourists per year.

Miami real tropical paradiseMany visitors have impressed by the city and decide to stay here permanently, especially if they have more substantial means.

Thousands of well-off Europeans are interested by the city and they wish to buy a real estate in Miami. Traditionally, the interest is most significant by the Russians and the citizens of the eastern EU.

The reason – in the east part of continental Europe there is quite harsh climate. The winters are very cold and the summers are often too cool. In this point of view, the great interest of the Russians and northern Europeans to Miami is absolutely normal.

Actually, in the USA and Canada the attitude to Miami is not very different. Many Americans and Canadians choose to spend their retirement in the pleasant atmosphere of southern Florida.

ocean drive miami beachAlthough it is not one of the biggest American metropolises, Miami is one of the most open to the foreigners cities in the USA. More than ½ of the population was born in another city and especially in another country.

As a ethnic diversity Miami is in serious competition with such great cities as New York and London. Miami is also the biggest resort on the planet.

The city is incredibly beautiful! The majority of the people who visit it says that this is the most beautiful place they have ever been.

Indeed, the architecture of Miami could not be compared with such cities as Roma, Paris, London, New York and other, but the city is incredibly magnetic and it radiate charm, exotic and harmony, similar to other international resorts as Cancun (Mexico), Marbella (Spain), Gold Coast and Surfers Paradise (Australia).

south beach miamiMaybe the most attractive part of the city is Miami beach. This is a narrow strip of land, which has embarrassing beautiful white sandy beaches, azure sea, stunning promenade, sinuous under the meshy shadow of the coconut palm trees.

On the charming streets of Miami Beach you can find gleaming boutiques, expensive restaurants, fine hotels, charming cafes.

There‘s crowds of tourists throughout the year and in January will be difficult to find some space on the beach where to put your towel. This is one amazing place where you can find the rich and famous from all over the world.

view to skyscrapers MiamiBetween this narrow strip of land – Miami Beach, and the down town of the city, you can find tens of small islands, where amidst the greenness of the coco palms and other tropical plants are situated some of the most beautiful houses that you can imagine –  incredible two – three floors high luxury villas with enormous swimming pools.

In this paradise live not one or two Hollywood celebrities. The night view to the down town of Miami is stunning. The impressive skyscrapers are all bathed in light.

white beaches florida keyThrough an endless series of bridges the city of Miami is connected with the islands of Florida Key, which stretch in southwest of the southern most part of the state.

Here is the only coral reef in the United States (excluding Hawaii). Florida Key is part of the agglomeration of Miami. Actually, between the southern most suburbs of the resort city and one of the northern most islands – Key Largo – the distance is less than 40 km.

Because of the good infrastructure, actually the distance is not a problem for the residents of Florida Key that travel everyday between the islands and the city.