Best Travel Tips to New York City in 2019 (For Your First Trip)

time square new york city

New York is the biggest city in the United States of America and one of the biggest cities in the world. It is the world biggest economic and financial center. It is situated on the east coast of the United States. Its agglomeration has population of around 21 200 000 people. Official language is English but can be heard languages from all over the world. The population of the city is formed by emigrants from Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa, South America and of course other countries from North America.

Climate of New York

time square new york cityThe climate of New York is temperate – continental and there is four seasons –winter, spring, summer and autumn. The temperatures can drop to minus 10 °C in the winter and can reach plus 40 °C in the summer.

The winter is frosty and dry.  It lasts from December to March. The temperatures are usually around 0 – 5 °C, but sometimes can drop to (-10 °C). The precipitations are rare.

Some times can be formed deep snow cover. Because of the flat relief, the Arctic air masses can reach to these latitudes freely.

The spring lasts from March to June and in this season everything gets green. You can find everywhere blossomed trees and flowers.

dakota buildingThe daily temperatures are between 10 and 20 °C (higher in June when are the first summer heats). In some days can be very cloudy and then are possible heavy rains. As a whole, the weather is changeable.

Some days are warm and other – cool. The summer is hot. It lasts  from June to September. Sometimes the temperatures can reach 40 °C, but usually vary between 25 and 30 °C.

In some days can be formed summer storms with significant precipitations. The cool waters of the Atlantic make the climate to be bearable and reduce the temperatures.

The flat relief in south of New York, help to the warm air masses to reach easy this city.

The autumn lasts from September to December. The weather is changeable. Some days can be very warm, especially in October, but other can get very cold (in December).

Some days are sunny and the sky is cloudless, but other can be very rainy and cool. If you plan to visit the city the best time is the late spring and early autumn when the weather is most bearable.

May and September offer the best climate conditions for long walks and knowledge the landmarks of this great city.

Landmarks of New York

New York is unbounded. The heart of the city is Manhattan with its great diversity of hotels, restaurants, stores and of course – Central Park. This is one of the biggest city parks in the world.

In its longest part the park is 4,2 km long and 0,9 km wide. It is the green heart of Manhattan. In times gone by this area was covered by marshes.

Today’s plant is a result of the tireless work of hundreds of experienced gardeners. The park is favorite place for millions of citizens. In the weekends Central Park is more crowded than in the other days.

Then thousands of people throng on the green lawns under the deep shadow of the old trees.

Here you can find many lakes that offer you coolness in the summer heats. Interesting for the tourists is the walk with chariot, drown by horses. The park is incredible clean.

new york at nightThe administration of the city, ensure excellent maintenance of the green lawns. The citizens, clean after their dogs compulsory. The leaving of animal waste is  intolerable. The penalty can be very hard.

Manhattan is the most famous part of America. Here you can find real canyon of huge skyscrapers.

Some of them are among the highest in the world. The highest building in New York is Empire State Building.

It was built in 1931. Today this building is one of the most important landmarks of “the big apple’’. It rises to an altitude of 381m on the 5th avenue and offer incredible view to the city.

This building is historical symbol of the skyscraper construction.

Other one is Chrysler Building. It has similar architecture. Both buildings have gabled roof because to be tied dirigibles to the roof of the skyscraper, but soon the people have understood that this is not good idea and the gabled roof remain just a symbol of this era.

For the visitor this is the city with the most beautiful skyscrapers, because they have their own style. The statue of liberty is other one world famous symbol of this great city.

It is created by Gustav Eiffel 1878 and adorns the entrance to the New York harbour more than one century.

night skyline nyIt is one of the jewelry of the new world. It is 46,5m high and its pedestal is 55m. Everybody that comes to live or visit this city compulsory have to see this symbol of the western civilization.

If you have the chance to see New York, you have to visit the NYSE (New York Stock Exchange) – the heart of the world economy.

The architecture of NYSE, remind the Parthenon in Greece. But the most amazing view to this city you can see when you cross the Brooklyn Bridge in direction Brooklyn – Manhattan.

nyse new yorkThe view will take your breath away, especially in sunset, when the corpses of the skyscrapers are colored in red and orange nuances.

The view from Brooklyn Bridge, offer you the opportunity to see New York in its all magnificence.

The bridge was built in 19 century and today is maybe the most famous bridge in the world. It is 1834 m long and 84 m high.

The walk in New York is incredible experience. The city is set – scene of thousands of movies. And this is not just fortuity. New York has its own spirit.

Every where, you hear the voice of ambulances, police and fire – brigade cars, rushing through the straight NY streets. This is the city of the yellow taxis -you can see thousands to cross the narrow streets.

Big part of the citizens, travel every day by the Metro. NY (together by London) is the first city in the world, which has subway. This is also the first city (again together by London) that is electricity.

In this reason you can find in Central Park a memorial of Thomas Edison (the inventor of the electricity). In the park you can find also the memorial of John Lennon. It is situated near by Dakota Building, where he has left together by its wife Yoko Ono.

brooklyn bridgeThe city consists of several very large districts and many suburbs. The districts are: Manhattan, Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, Long Island and Staten Island. Undoubtedly, the most famous is Manhattan.

There can be found the most luxury stores and the most expensive apartments. The glory of New York as the city that “never sleeps” is a result of the dynamic of Manhattan.

The population of the congested island is more than one million people. Because of this reason the city growth in height. Today in clearly weather, the city can be seen from distance of tens kilometers.

view from empire state buildingThe population of the city is the most cosmopolitan and diverse in the world. While you are walking on the  street, you can see a real palette of nationalities.

The biggest part of the people that emigrate to America arrive to the country through New York. It has ever been a world standard as a city.

Almost all global ratings (for example “the best city for living in the world”) use as a standard the city of New York.

New York has ever attracted contractors and businessman. This city, possess really unlimited opportunities.

The labour is relatively cheap (compared to the other U.S. cities), the materials are cheap too, there are great choice of high qualified workers and  opportunity to the employers to choose the most suitable workers.

Another plus of the business in New York is that the incoming immigrants from all over the world carry with them part of their culture and traditions, which also could be useful for the entrepreneurs.

view from staten island ferryNot only the business, prospers in this metropolis. Similar is the situation with the world of art. The incredible mixture  of cultures, with certainly leave its imprint on the local creative work.

As a whole, the thinking of New Yorkers is very eccentric. One of the engines of the city is that the people think very eccentric and don’t repress themselves with restrictions.

Because of this reason, here in New York you can find some of the greatest museums in the world – one of them is Metropolitan Museum.

In the sport complex of Madison Square Garden, on the Madison Avenue hundreds of the best celebrities have made their unforgettable performances during the years.

Through the hearth of the city pass the world famous boulevard Broadway. Here you can find some of the best theatres on the planet. To take a part or to present at some of these performance, it is a question of prestige.

A lot of movies bring fame to the name and culture of the Big Apple. Could be very difficult (maybe even impossible) to be found other city, that has been a decor of so many movies and music clips.

Interesting is the fact that the local people could not imagine their lives in some other city. They say that New York is real and exciting. Here you can keeps in touch with  the real life.

On the streets could be found every kind of people – rich and poor, clever and stupid, beautiful and ugly, well bred and not so. New York combine everything in one place and it is one reduction of the world.