25 Best Things to Do in Prague (Czechia)

charles bridge

Considered the most romantic city in Europe in the 21st century, Prague also has the reputation of one of the most beautiful cities in the world. 

It is known for its scenic location along the Vltava River, romantic atmosphere, beautiful parks, medieval neighborhoods and majestic castles. 

Receiving more than 8 million visitors per year, it is an amazing mixture of Gothic, Baroque and Renaissance architecture. 

Compared to other big cities in Europe, Prague has the advantage of being much more relaxed, clean, safe and quiet.

Prices are quite affordable, especially in comparison with the popular destinations in Western Europe, so you will be able to take advantage of its wonderful restaurants, bars and excellent hotels without having to spend too much for the pleasure. 

Here are the most recommended places to visit and things to do while in the city:

1. Charles Bridge (Karlův most)

charles bridge
Charles Bridge by roaming-the-planet/Flickr

Constructed between 1357 and 1402, Charles Bridge (or as it is officially called Karlův most) is considered one of the most beautiful in Central Europe. 

It is definitely one of the greatest tourist attractions in the Czech capital and one of the symbols of the city. 

The clearance under the arches of the stone construction is about 43 ft (13 meters). 

With its length 1,692 ft (515.8 metres), it is the most important pedestrian connection between the east (Staré Mesto) and west (Malá Strana) banks of the Vltava River. 

The bridge is under the auspices of UNESCO. 

It is easily recognizable because of its two majestic medieval towers.  

2. Letna Park (Letenské sady)

letna park
Letna Park by Tourist Maker

Letna Park is a wonderful place to spend some time outside, especially in summer. 

Here you can enjoy a relaxing stroll under the thick shade of the trees, only a few minutes walk from the bustling historical center of the city. 

Letenské sady, as they call the park here, is located on top of the beautiful Letna Hill, not far from Malá Strana and reveals a breathtaking panoramic view of the Old Town and the Vltava River.  

3. Karlova Street (Karlova ulice)

karlova street
Karlova Street by Anguskirk/Flickr

Karlova Street (or Karlova ulice) is without a doubt the most beautiful street in Prague. 

It is a natural extension of the wonderful Charles Bridge (Karlův most) and runs to the east along the Clementinum, crossing the very heart of Staré Mesto. 

Also known as the Royal Road or the King’s Road, the street is famous for its many restaurants, jewelry and souvenir shops as well as for its excellent hotels. 

Many of the buildings are very old, some of them dating back to the 13th century. 

This is not only the very best area to explore but also the best place to stay while in the city.

4. Old Town Square (Staroměstské náměstí)

old town square
Old Town Square by Tourist Maker

Founded in the 12 th century, Staroměstské náměstí is one of the most charming historical places in Prague. 

Also known as the Old Town Square, it is a great place to visit and explore because of its numerous historical buildings in different architectural styles. 

In addition to the medieval city architecture, here you can enjoy some of the greatest landmarks in the Czech Republic, such as the famous Astronomical Clock. 

Don’t miss to visit some of the restaurants on the square to feel the vibes of the Czech capital.

5. Zoo

seychelles giant tortoise in prague zoo
Seychelles Giant Tortoise in Prague Zoo by Govisity/Flickr

The zoo of Prague is considered one of the very best in Europe, and you could easily spend a good part of the day here, enjoying the huge variety of animals. 

Situated on a hill in the northern part of the Czech capital, it is well-known for its rare species of animals. 

The Aldabra giant tortoise, which can be seen in a few zoos around the world, is one of the best examples in this respect. 

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The living conditions in the park are very good. 

The animals have enough space available to enjoy their normal daily activities. 

They are provided with healthy food and medical care. 

The park reveals a unique view to the south of the sneaking Vltava river and the historical neighbourhoods. 

6. John Lennon Wall

john lennon wall
John Lennon Wall by Tourist Maker

John Lennon’s Wall is famous for its colorful graffiti and messages of love and peace. 

It started to attract the attention of locals and visitors during the socialist regime in the 1960s of the 20th century. 

The place was associated for the first time with the great British songwriter and musician during the 1980s, when an unknown artist painted the image of John Lennon. 

Gradually, more and more people started to associate this place with the talented musician and peace activist, and today, this is one of the most recommended attractions to visit. 

The place itself is charming. 

The wall is located in a small and charming square in Malá Strana, not far from the French Embassy.

7. Prague Castle (Pražský hrad)

prague castle
Prague Castle by Tourist Maker

Prague Castle (or as they call it here Pražský hrad) is a beautiful and majestic 9th century castle, located on top of a hill, on the northern outskirts of Malá Strana. 

If you are staying in Staré Město or Malá Strana, the fastest way to get to the castle is to use the scenic staircase on the southern side of the complex. 

The route is steep but short. 

If you decide to take the longer but far easier route, the other option is to follow Pod Bruskov Street (on the west bank of the Vltava River, right next to the beautiful Mánesův Bridge). 

The castle is just wonderful. 

A long and narrow garden along the southern side of the complex reveals a spectacular view of the Old Town of Prague and the sneaking river.  

8. Lesser Town (Malá Strana)

lesser town
Lesser Town by Tourist Maker

Lesser Town, called by locals Malá Strana, is one of the most beautiful and pleasant to walk areas of the Czech capital. 

The historical neighborhood is relatively small and easy to walk around. 

It is locked between the Vltava River to the east and the picturesque green hills to the west. 

The medieval narrow cobbled streets meander without direction between beautiful Baroque, Gothic and Renaissance buildings. 

Most of them are colored in gentle pastel tones of yellow, peach, cream and beige.

9. Saint Vitus Cathedral

st. vitus cathedral
St. Vitus Cathedral by Tourist Maker

The Metropolitan Cathedral of Saints Vitus, Wenceslaus and Adalbert, better known as Saint Vitus Cathedral, is famous for its extremely beautiful Gothic architecture. 

Being the largest cathedral in the country, it is located within the limits of the huge courtyard of the Prague Castle. 

In addition to its location on top of one of the hills of the city, the cathedral is 337 ft (102.8 meters) high, and because of this fact, it is visible from almost all parts of the Czech capital. 

The first stone was laid by King John of Bohemia on November 21, 1244. 

After centuries of ups and downs in the process of construction, the majestic cathedral was finally completed in 1929.

10. The Old Town Hall and the Astronomical Clock

the astronomical clock
The Astronomical Clock by Tourist Maker

The Old Town Hall and the Astronomical Clock can be described as the number one tourist attraction of Prague. 

You will find them in the Old Town Square of the Czech capital. 

Local residents can be proud that this is the oldest working city clock in the world. 

It was installed on the facade of the historical building in 1410. 

In addition to the numerous astronomical details, such as the position of the moon and the sun in the sky, the Astronomical Clock will fascinate you with the opportunity to see and enjoy the so-called “Walk of the Apostles”. 

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This is an hourly event that attracts thousands of visitors who come to see the figures of the twelve apostles. 

They are unique and appear one after another on the small window above the clock.

11. Vyšehrad

Vyšehrad by Jan Fidler/Flickr

Vyšehrad is a historical fortress located on top of a hill, on the east bank of the Vltava River. 

The place is famous for its breathtaking panorama and the beautiful park, which offers some tempting shade for a nice walk in the hot summer days. 

It is believed that the fortress was built at the end of the first millennium. 

Here you will find the charming Basilica of Saint Peter and Saint Paul, which dominates the skyline of Prague, the rotunda and the famous Vyšehrad Cemetery.

12. Saint Nicholas Church in Malá Strana

One of the tourist attractions of this old European capital is the Basilica of Saint Nicholas. 

It is located in the charming historical district of Malá Strana. 

It was built in the Baroque style in 1755 and rises majestically 260 ft (79 meters) above the silhouette of Prague. 

There was a smaller church on this site, built in the 13th century, but the Jesuits decided that the site needed a more impressive temple.

13. Hunger Wall

hunger wall
Hunger Wall by David Seibold/Flickr

The famous Hunger Wall is a defensive stone construction that was built in the higher part of Petřín Hill in the 14th century. 

Approximately 15 ft high (4.5 meters), the wall was completed within two years. 

The construction work started in 1360 and in 1362 it was completely finished. 

The main purpose of the wall was to serve as an additional protection of the Prague Castle. 

Today the fortress is accessible to tourists, and there is a beautiful park around to explore, especially if you travel to Prague in late spring or in summer.

14. The National Museum

the national museum
The National Museum by Victor Ochieng/Flickr

Built between 1885 and 1890, the National Museum building is quite impressive. 

It was finished in Neo-Renaissance style, and its location, facing the majestic Wenceslas Square, makes it even more beautiful. 

The museum itself is known for the fact that here you can see millions of exhibits, related to the history of the country and the city, including a huge number of valuable books.

15. Clementinum

Clementinum by Bruno Delzant/Flickr

The Clementinum is a complex of old buildings of exceptional cultural and historical value, located in the heart of the Old Town (Staré Mesto), not far from the Vltava River and right next to Karlova Street. 

Here you will find buildings constructed mostly between the 13th and 17th centuries. 

The major attraction here is the National Library of the Czech Republic. 

Opened in 1722, the library is one of the most beautiful in the world and is well-known for its baroque architecture and breathtaking interiors.

16. Metronome

Metronome by Tourist Maker

Situated in Letna Park, the giant Metronome is the largest mechanism of its kind in the world. 

Approximately 75 feet (23 meters) tall, it was constructed in 1991 to serve as a symbol of the new democratic era after the collapse of the communist regime. 

The location of the giant mechanism hasn’t been chosen by accident. 

In 1955, the world’s largest monument of Stalin was erected here. 

In 1962, however, only 7 years later, the concrete brutal monument was demolished. 

17. Saint Lawrence Church

st. lawrence church
St. Lawrence Church by Tourist Maker

Saint Lawrence Church is a very beautiful Catholic church built between 1739 and 1745. 

It is known for its elegant Baroque architecture as well as for its warm orange shades. 

The temple is located in the beautiful Petřín Park, not far from the Wall of Hunger and the observation tower. 

18. The Historic Tram

the historic tram
The Historic Tram by Ed Webster/Flickr

The Historic Tram of Prague is one of the most recommended tourist attractions in the Czech capital. 

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During the summer months of the year, between July 1st  and August 31st, you can take advantage of the opportunity to take a ride around the old part of the city. 

The historic vehicles serve two tram lines – number 42 and number 43. 

These routes cover some of the city’s most exciting tourist attractions, such as the medieval neighbourhoods of Staré Mesto and Malá Strana.

19. Petřín Funicular

petřín funicular
Petřín Funicular by Tourist Maker

One of the popular tourist attractions of the city of Prague is the Petřín Funicular, which climbs from the foot of Petřín Hill in Malá Strana to the top of the hill, where the popular Petřín Tower is. 

The funicular trip is very short but really pleasant. 

It takes only a couple of minutes and is the fastest way to get to the top, where you could enjoy a pleasant stroll around the quiet and shady alleys.

20. Petřín Garden

petřín garden
Petřín Garden by Tourist Maker

No matter if you are a visitor or a person that has recently arrived and settled down in Prague, the wonderful Petřín Garden is one of the most favorite places for walks in the city. 

The garden covers most of the eastern slope of Petřín Hill. 

Here you will find dozens of superb quiet alleys, which offer some pleasant coolness under the shade of large trees on hot summer days.

21. Petřín Lookout Tower

petrin tower view
Petrin Tower View by Tourist Maker

Petřín Lookout Tower is a 19th-century observation tower which nowadays serves as a major tourist attraction. 

It is located in the middle of a beautiful park, on top of the Petřín Hill. 

The tower welcomes more than half a million visitors per year. 

Being 208 ft tall (63.5 m), it offers the most beautiful panorama of the city. 

The tower rises on the west bank of the Vltava River so you can enjoy a dramatic view of the entire city, including the Old Town (Staré Mesto), Malá Strana and the beautiful Prague Castle, which stands proudly on top of one of the neighbouring hills.  

22. Rudolfinum

Rudolfinum by Tourist Maker

Rudolfinum is a spectacular 19th century building, located on the famous Jan Palach Square, on the east bank of the Vltava River. 

Being one of the must-visit landmarks of Prague, it was constructed between 1881 and 1885. 

The elegant Neo-Renaissance building currently serves as the seat of the Czech Philharmonic as well as an exhibition center and art gallery.

23. The Old Jewish Cemetery

the old jewish cemetery
The Old Jewish Cemetery by Garrett Ziegler/Flickr

The Old Jewish Cemetery is located in the beautiful old Jewish Quarter of Prague, on the east bank of the Vltava River. 

The place is one of the major landmarks of the Czech capital. 

The cemetery park served its intended purpose between the first half of the 15th century and the second half of the 18th century. 

Today here you can see thousands of extremely old tombstones, most of which are heavily sloping and altered over the centuries.

24. Try local beer

czech beer
Czech beer by Dukas Ju/Flickr

Czech beer is considered one of the best in the world, and Prague can definitely be called the “world capital of beer”. 

Simply known as “pivo”, the wonderful Czech beer is well-known for its light golden color, mild taste, and gentle fragrance. 

Among the most famous brands to choose from are Pilsner Urquell, Kozel, Staropramen and Budweiser-Budvar.

25. Try local trdelnik (or just trdlo)

Trdelnik by 4993578/Pixabay

Trdelnik, or as they call it just trdlo, is a traditional local pastry, which is a must for every visitor in Prague. 

The oval tubular sweet bread with a hole in the middle is also known as chimney cake and is available on every corner in the Old Town of Prague. 

This type of traditional pastry is a great idea for breakfast while exploring the sights of the city. 

It is usually served with cream, chocolate, jam or ice cream.