28 Best Things to Do in Thassos (Greece)

paradise beach

Located in the northern Aegean Sea, less than 10 km south of Keramoti, Thassos is the northernmost of the large Greek islands.

Because of its forested and mountainous interior, it is often called “The Emerald Island”.

If you love the classic type of holidays with golden beaches, nice restaurants to visit, great weather and rich culture, Thassos is one of the opportunities to find everything you need.

It is a destination of old traditions, and at the same time, it offers so much things to do.

1. Visit the village of Limenaria and the “Abandoned palace”

village of limenaria
Village of Limenaria by Wikipedia/CC BY-SA 3.0

With its colorful souvenir markets, craft shops, traditional local tavernas, golden sandy beaches and charming cafes, Limenaria is one of the most favourite tourist destinations on the island of Thassos.

One of the landmarks here is the so called “Abandoned palace” which is actually an old non-functioning administrative building of a German company.

The impressive building on the top of the hill, overlooking the village of Limenaria, has been uninhabited since 1963.

2. Enjoy the paradise beaches of Aliki

aliki beach
Aliki beach by Ronald Saunders/Flickr

Aliki is a beautiful area in the southeast of Thassos which is considered the place with the most beautiful beaches on the island.

Two little coves with crystal aquamarine waters attract the attention of the travelers.

Smooth sea surface, 40 meters visibility underwater and scenic surrounding area are what makes people fall in love with this paradise corner of the Aegean island.

The beach is a popular summer break destination from early May till late October.

3. Visit the Monastery of Archangel Michael

monastery of archangel michael
Monastery of Archangel Michael by Ronald Saunders/Flickr

Built in the 18th century, the Monastery of Archangel Michael is one of the most important landmarks of Thassos.

It is situated on the very edge of the coastal cliffs, not far from Aliki and directly south of Theologos.

The monastery itself is an architectural masterpiece.

However, nothing could compare to the breathtaking view which reveals from the yard of the centuries old building.

But the monastery is much more than just a beautiful place and scenic views.

It is a place to find your inner peace and to connect more deeply with yourself.

4. Diving at Pefkari

the beach of pefkari
The beach of Pefkari by jdujic/Flickr

Pefkari is a small tourist village located on the southern coast of the island.

It is considered the best place for scuba diving in Thassos.

One of the reasons is the great diving school available here.

The second reason is the clear water and the incredible variety of species of sea creatures in this part of the island.

Close to Pefkari you will find incredible Mediterranean coral reefs, whose colors are just breathtaking.

5. Visit the Zodiac Signs

zodiac signs
Zodiac Signs by Pinterest

Situated on the coastal cliffs over the Metalia Beach, the marble installation of the Zodiac Signs is one of the modern landmarks in Thassos.

Created by German student in 2005, today the Zodiac attracts a number of visitors.

The 12 signs of the horoscope are situated close to each other and form together a few meters wide circle.

This place is most attractive at sunset when it offers an amazing game of lights and shades between the sun and the white marble blocks of the signs.

6. Cruise around the island

cruise around thassos
Cruise around Thassos by Remus Pereni/Flickr

Joining a day boat trip around the island is a great way to get the most of your time in Thassos.

You will be able to enjoy the sapphire blue waters around the island and if you are lucky enough, there is a good chance to see dolphins.

Sometimes these wonderful creatures swim alongside the boat, and it seems they find that very funny and entertaining.

The cruise around the island is a chance to understand why they actually call it “The Emerald Island”.

7. Enjoy the Paradise Beach

paradise beach
Paradise beach by Trip & Travel Blog/Flickr

Paradise Beach is located on the densely forested east coast and is considered one of the most beautiful and popular on the island.

Despite the area is sparsely populated, the beach attracts many people during the summer season, which lasts from early May until late October.

It is well-known for its limpid sky-blue water and fine golden sands.

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This place is especially recommended for families with children because the sea water along the coast is very shallow.

8. Visit Lake Maries and waterfall

Maries is the only lake on the island of Thassos.

It is located in the central mountainous part of the island and is surrounded by wonderful deciduous and pine forests.

The shade of the trees offers some pleasant coolness during the hot summer months.

This place is charged with strong positive energy and is a great choice if you need to relax your mind of stress.

Maries Waterfall is probably the most beautiful in the Aegean Sea and definitely worth a visit while on the island.

9. Visit the village of Skala Marion

skala marion
Skala Marion by jdujic/Flickr

Skala Marion is a lovely village on the west coast of Thassos.

Even if small, it deeply recommended as it offers a number of nice traditional restaurants (tavernas).

Here you will be able to enjoy some live Greek music and great local specialities.

Most of the restaurants are located on the coast which is the other reason to visit Skala Marion.

The village is well-known for its three small but wonderful beaches.

They are all covered with fine golden sand, and the water is very clear.

10. Snorkeling at Salonikios Beach

salonikios beach
Salonikios beach by Ivo ZZ/YouTube

At the southernmost tip of Thassos, on the western shore of a small forested peninsula, you will find some of the most pristine and quiet beaches on the island.

This place is quite remote and secluded so you will probably need to hire a car to get there.

The emerald water of Salonikios Beach is crystal clear, and in windless sunny days you can see what is there 40 meters in front of you under the smooth sea surface.

This place is especially popular for its incredibly rich variety of sea creatures.

11. Take a walk to the Acropolis of Thassos

ancient theatre thassos
Ancient Theatre of Thassos by BlackNose/CC-BY-3.0

The Acropolis of Thassos is the most important archeological site on the island and one of the most important in Greece.

It is located just next to Lemenas, at a walking distance from any point of the lovely town.

The most captivating part of the excavations is the 5000 years old ancient marble amphitheatre.

Other places which really worth a visit are the Pan Cave and the Temple of Athens.

12. Swimming at Tripiti Beach

tripiti beach
Tripiti beach by Facebook

If you want to get the most of the beach life of Thassos, you should definitely visit the beach of Tripiti at least once.

Coastal rocks separate the stripe of white fine sand into a few smaller beached.

The visibility underwater is up to 40 meters in quiet weather.

The combination of smooth sea surface and shallow turquoise waters attracts here families who want to spend a really safe holiday at the beach.

13. Try local honey

delicious honey of thassos
Delicious honey of Thassos by Leonora (Ellie) Enking/Flickr

As most of the territory of Thassos is ecologically clean and covered by fragrant forests, it is not surprising that the island is well known for his top quality bee honey.

This is one of the most popular local products and is a good choice if you want to bring something really healthy to your family at home.

You can find a wide variety of types of the natural product, including pine tree honey, chestnut honey, flower honey and many others.

The price depends on how rare the particular type is.

14. Join a guided bike trip

mtb bike tour
MTB Bike tour by MTB Thassos/Facebook

One of the best ways to feel the real spirit Thassos is to join guided bike tour.

The island is not very big, so you will be able to deal with the challenge to explore most of it with your bicycle without too much effort to reach from one point to another.

Most of the settlements are situated along the coast, and this is what makes the task even easier.

If you are not sure in your own skills, consider the fact that you will ride your bike in a beautiful environment.

The only disadvantage is the hot weather so hat, sunglasses and sunscreen are deeply recommended.

15. Visit the popular Giola Lagoon

giola lagoon
Giola Lagoon by Remus Pereni/Flickr

Giola Lagoon is a very lively and crowded spot which meets a large number of visitors, including in the beginning and at the end of the summer season. It is a natural pool carved into the rocks of south Thassos.

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It has a rounded shape and emerald green water which could be very limpid under the right weather conditions.

The water is always quiet and good for swimming during the period from early May till late October but be prepared to see too many people here.

If you prefer privacy while swimming, then better go to another more secluded area.

Anyway, don’t miss the opportunity to come here and see the work of Mother Nature at least for a while.

16. Enjoy the old historical village of Theologos

the old historical village of theologos
The old historical village of Theologos by Ronald Saunders/Flickr

If you think that Thassos is just nice beaches and tavernas, think again.

This is one of the biggest Greek islands which boasts a rich history and culture.

In the interior of the island there are many lovely old villages and one of them is Theologos.

Nestled between the hills in the central forested part of Thassos, the village was the capital of the island during the Ottoman era from 1455 to 1902.

Today the small settlement is one of the top places to visit far from the shore and offers old cobbled streets, stone buildings and lovely yards with wonderful flowering bushes.

17. Take a boat trip to Kavala

kavala at night
Kavala at night by Chronis Angelidis/Flickr

Kavala is a beautiful coastal town which is famous for its outstanding white beaches, sapphire sea and relaxing Mediterranean atmosphere.

As it is located only 23 km northwest of Thassos, it is a good idea to spend one day there.

The ferryboat connection between Thassos and mainland Greece is regular, and the prices of most goods and services in the town are quite affordable.

Kavala offers numerous opportunities to spend a really great day outside.

Here you will find beautiful old churches, castles, museums, lovely restaurants and many others.

18. Climb to the top of Mount Ipsarion

One of the most exciting and promising adventures to experience on the island of Thassos is to climb the highest peak here.

The effort is really worth it because the breathtaking panorama from the top is hard to describe in words.

Mount Ipsarion is 1204 meters high and reveals an incredible view toward the white sandy beaches of the emerald green island as well as toward the small charming villages nestled in small bays along the coast.

19. Water sports at Agios Ioannis

agios ioannis
Agios Ioannis by Pinterest

Agios Ioannis is located on the southeastern coast of the emerald green island and is a place of enchanting natural beauty.

In addition, this is a top spot for people who want to discover the best water sports beach in Thassos.

Since the breeze here is quite intense, the beach is an attractive place for kite surfing and windsurfing.

Despite small, the beach is a place to find and rent all the needed water sports equipment you need.

20. Kayaking around the island

kayaking around thassos
Kayaking around Thassos by Ronald Saunders/Flickr

All the Greek islands are unique but they all have one thing in common – picturesque coastline.

This is why one of the most recommended experiences while in the country is to rent a kayak and explore the coastline.

This is a great way to reach this part of the beaches which are more isolated and remain far from the popular tourist routes.

The most exciting and safe way to enjoy this adventure is to join an organized group of tourists and take advantage of the services of an experienced guide.

21. Enjoy the Golden Beach

golden beach
Golden beach by Ronald Saunders/Flickr

If you have to choose just one place and to spend your entire holiday there, Golden Beach is the place for you.

It is considered the most beautiful stripe of white sand on the island and is located on the east coast.

Golden Beach is three kilometers long. To the north and to the south is limited by low and forested mountain slopes.

The aquamarine water is shallow and limpid which is why this place is a very good choice for families with kids.

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22. Visit the ancient ruins of Aliki

ancient ruins of aliki
Ancient ruins of Aliki by Leonora (Ellie) Enking/Flickr

The archeological site of Aliki is one of the most important on the island and in Greece.

It is located on the rocky scenic peninsula in the south of Thassos.

Built of local marble, the ancient sanctuary dates back to the early Byzantium era.

The ruins of the sanctuary are surrounded by dense Mediterranean vegetation.

You will be able to find some pleasant shade under the large trees.

After you feel tired of walking and climbing, you will find some nice tavernas in the small village at the foot of the hill.

23. Visit Kappa Art Gallery

kappa art gallery
Kappa Art Gallery by Facebook

Kappa Art Gallery is one of the top spots to visit on the island.

It is located in the small coastal village of Potos.

It is a very good place if you want to buy some souvenirs and bring them home.

The art gallery offers an incredible collection of wonderful paintings and unique art installations.

As long as you want to find something that really worth it, you are in the right place.

24. Visit Costis Pottery

costis pottery
Costis Pottery by Ronald Saunders/Flickr

As we just mentioned, it is always difficult to find something interesting to buy as a gift for your loved ones or for yourself.

It should be something traditional, and of course, it is always an advantage if you find a handmade item.

Costis Pottery is a good choice.

It is located close to the beach in the western part of the town of Limenas and is one of the most recommended places to visit in Thassos, especially if you are searching for an original and unique souvenir for your home.

Here you will find a wide variety of ceramics, including different colors of plates, cups, vases, pots, jugs and many others.

25. Don’t miss Papalimani Beach

papalimani beach
Papalimani beach by Facebook

Papalimani is a wonderful beach and in addition, it is quite easy to reach from the capital of the island.

It stretches along the north coast, only 3 km west of the town of Limenas (the other name of the town of Thassos).

It combines emerald green waters and white fine sands.

Old pine and olive trees reach the coast itself and offer some pleasant shade to the visitors.

The first people visit the beach in the early May when the water is still a bit cool but incredibly clear.

26. Day trip to Bulgaria

rila monastery bulgaria
Rila Monastery, Bulgaria by Tourist Maker

If you want to see as much as possible, you should consider the opportunity to join a day trip to Bulgaria.

Some of the travel agents in Thassos offer short walks to the mountainous southwest of the country.

You will see some of the most beautiful mountains in Europe, including Rila, Pirin and the Rhodopes.

The popular Bulgarian winter ski resort of Bansko is here too.

Of course, in summer you can’t expect any snow cover but you still can enjoy some of the most beautiful pine and deciduous forest.

27. Horse riding at Skala Prinos

skala prinos
Skala Prinos by Hotelvideoclips/YouTube

One of the most romantic experiences is to ride a horse at sunset along the beach.

This is why you should take advantage of this opportunity while spending your holiday on the green Aegean island.

The most recommended spot to do that is the coastal village of Skala Prinos.

The settlement is located on the northeast shore of the island and is well-known for its top rated riding school.

28. Explore the interior with ATV

off-road atv tours
Off-road ATV tours by EasyRidersThassos/Facebook

Thassos is a mountainous and forested island.

Some parts of its territory are difficult to reach but are really beautiful at the same time.

If you want to explore the interior of the Aegean paradise but you still have only a few days available on the island, renting an ATV is a great way to do that.

You can easily reach the remote parts of the island, to visit some of the smaller villages as well as to see some natural wonders far from the coast.

The main advantage of ATV is the lower infrastructure requirements it has.