6 Best Things to Do in Toketee Falls (Oregon)

toketee falls

Toketee Falls is often described as the most beautiful in Oregon.

For this reason, following the tourist trail through the forest, you will probably meet a lot of people, even if the place is quite isolated.

The closest city to Toketee Falls is Roseburg, which is approximately an hour’s drive from here.

Because of the beautiful scenery, the trip from Roseburg to the waterfall is a great pleasure.

The road is well maintained, and following the signs you will easily find the right way to the place.

However, the real adventure begins only after you leave your car in the parking lot.

1. Take a few pictures of the Toketee Pipeline

toketee pipeline
Toketee Pipeline by daveynin/Flickr

You will see the Toketee Pipeline as soon as you get out of the car.

The redwood tube is part of the large North Umpqua Hydroelectric Project.

Over the years, its leaking wooden construction has become one of the popular attractions in the area of Toketee Falls.

It is definitely recommended to visit and to take a few pictures of it. The pipeline was constructed in 1949. It is 12 feet in diameter and is connected with Toketee Lake.

The wooden tube conveys water from the reservoir to the waterfall, ensuring a constant water flow throughout the year.

2. Explore the Toketee Falls Trail

toketee falls trail
Toketee Falls Trail by daveynin/Flickr

The hiking trail that leads to Toketee Falls is well maintained and easy to walk.

The path includes some steps (about 200 in number), but they are actually in different parts of the route, so don’t worry about that.

There are some ascents and descents along the trail, but they are rather easy.

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The total length is 1.4 miles (2.25 km) in both directions. Because of the small distance, the trail is suitable for people of practically all fitness levels and of different ages, at least as long as you maintain a slow pace of walk.

There are even benches and picnic tables along the trail, so if you need, you can take a short rest while enjoying the wonderful nature.

3. Enjoy the view from the panoramic platform

viewing platform
Viewing Platform by LDELD/Flickr

Once reaching the end of the trail, you will see in front of you the stairs which lead to the panoramic platform.

It was built around the trunk of a large tree and is the last stop for the hikers before they head back to the trailhead parking lot.

Once you reach there, you can enjoy the best view of the waterfall in front of you.

Since the place is really romantic, many people find it particularly suitable for making a marriage proposal.

4. Take some really good pictures

toketee falls
Toketee Falls by LDELD/Flickr

If marriage is not on the agenda for you, then you will probably want to take some great pictures.

In this case, the platform is your place. Actually, its location was chosen not by chance, because from this angle the waterfall looks most captivating and you have the best visibility.

In addition, you will not put yourself at risk as you will be within the protective fences.

All you need to do is to bring a good camera and the best lens you can find as the view is really worth it.

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5. Enjoy the wildlife

beautiful butterfly
Beautiful Butterfly by Judy Gallagher/Flickr

The area of Toketee Falls is home to a wide variety of species of birds, mammals, amphibians, reptiles and insects.

Since the route is sometimes heavily trafficked during the summer season, most of the animals prefer to avoid the closeness of the busy trail.

However, if you stay still and quiet for a minute, you will be able to feel what a great variety of species is there around you.

The variety of coniferous and deciduous species of trees is huge too. Among the most common species are Western red cedar, Douglas fir and maple.

6. Go to the hot springs

umpqua hot springs
Umpqua Hot Springs by Mitchell Friedman/Flickr

One of the attractions in the area of Toketee Falls is the Umpqua Hot Springs.

The distance from the waterfall is less than 5 miles and the trip is really worth it.

Moreover, you will be there within 15 minutes by car.

The hot springs are day use only, and the warmest of them is 112°F (more than 44°C).

You can soak in two of them. Each of the hot natural pools reveals a breathtaking panorama of the ravine of Umpqua River.

For your safety:

There are some recommendations you should follow for your own safety while in the area.

The most important of them are:

Don’t go outside the protective fences

It probably seems like a tempting idea to go to the bottom of the ravine and to see Toketee Falls from a different angle, but you definitely shouldn’t do it.

This is extremely risky. The trail to the bottom is slippery and steep and is generally very hazardous.

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Many people have died in the area of the waterfalls over the years while trying to take better pictures or in attempts to reach the pools beneath the waterfall.

Check the weather conditions in advance

After heavy or prolonged rainfalls even the well-maintained official tourist trail is sometimes dangerous and difficult to walk.

Before you hit the road to the waterfalls, you should first make sure that the weather conditions are appropriate.

Don’t be tempted to swim here

Since the water in the natural pools under the waterfalls comes from the Toketee reservoir, it is very cold.

Even if you have the great luck to reach the bottom of the ravine safe, you probably won’t feel comfortable swimming in the freezing water, which even in the height of summer rarely reaches 58°F (14°C).