20 Best Places to Visit in Australia

apostles australia

Australia is one of the most interesting and exciting countries in the world.

It combines unique scenery and great variety of interesting architectural landmarks.

The hard part comes when one person gets there among the thousands of places worth seeing.

To assist you in choosing the best route we have selected some of the most interesting places that can offer Australia.

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1. Sydney Opera House / New South Wales

Opera House important landmark
The building of the Sydney Opera House is one of the greatest architectural monuments today.

It is the work of Danish architect Jorn Utzon.

It is officially opened in October 1973.

The idea of the architect was to create a building resembling blown by wind sails.

By popularity Opera House is among the world biggest landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower and the Egyptian pyramids.

2. Harbour Bridge / New South Wales

Sydney Harbour Bridge Australia
The famous bridge which crosses the bay of Sydney is a symbol of economic progress of the Australian nation.

Local people call it affectionately “peg” for the characteristic shape of the side arches.

The bridge was completed in 1932 and was officially opened on March 19.

3. Great Barrier Reef / Queensland

Located along the northeastern coast of the continent, this is the largest coral reef on the planet.

It is approximately 2030 km long.

This is probably the most impressive creation of mother nature on this continent and the largest underwater attraction of our planet.

4. Kakadu National Park / Northern Territory

Located in the state of Northern Territory, Kakadu National Park is a home to some of the most prominent species on the continent.

Besides traditional kangaroos and koalas here you will have the opportunity to stand face to face with the most fierce predator that can be seen on the land – the saltwater crocodile.

Here is also incredible diversity of birds.

5. Urulu / Northern Territory

This imposing rock rises proudly amidst the red desert landscapes of Australia.

Its height reaches about 318 meters, and in different times of day the colours blend from bright orange to purple going through all shades of red.

Urulu is very important for local people – the Aborigines.

They believe that Urulu tells the story of the world.

6. Q1 / Queensland

This is the highest building all over Australia.

It is located on the shores of the Pacific Ocean in Gold Coast, Queensland.

Its high is about 235 meters and offers a stunning panoramic view of the coast.

This tower is a symbol of the rapidly developing tourism industry of the state.

Its tapered tip can not go wrong against the other buildings in the area.

Q1 is Australian Empire State Building.

7. Turquoise Bay / Western Australia

This is one of the most beautiful beaches of the Indian Ocean.

The sand is white, the water crystal clear and the weather is sunny and warm throughout the year.

Underwater diversity is exceptional, and the visibility allows you to enjoy the unique sea creatures.

The name of the beach – Turquoise Bay – actually speaks eloquently enough about how it looks.

8. Apostles / Victoria

apostles australia
Almost everyone has seen the Apostles, whether a picture in a magazine, on television or the Internet.

These are rocks with a height of around 50 meters, created by erosion.

They are very close to shore and are the biggest tourist attraction in Victoria.

The initial number was 12, but over the years some of them are destroyed because of the action of erosion and natural disasters.

9. Barossa Valley / South Australia

Barossa is the most fertile and romantic corner of the continent.

It is located near Adelaide which is one of the world capitals of wine tourism.

Here are the famous wine regions of Australia.

Here you will find flat or hilly relief and subtropical vegetation which reminiscent of the Mediterranean and bear the spirit of Italy, Spain, France and Greece.

Local high quality wines are highly valued especially in Asia.

10. Whitsunday Islands / Queensland

The most famous of all the islands of the Great Barrier Reef striking with its beautiful paradise nature.

Snow white sand, clean and clear sea waters, tropical foliage and endless blue sky.

All this makes the Whitsunday Islands one of the most beautiful islands you can imagine.

Here summer lasts 365 days a year, and if you have the chance to get on this island you will completely forget the existence of modern civilization.

11. Taronga zoo / New South Wales

Taronga Zoo Australia
This is one of the most popular zoos in the world.

It is located in the Australian city of Sydney and has a huge variety of representatives of the animal world.

Taronga zoo offers its residents living conditions that are close as it is possible to their natural environment.

Furthermore the zoo reveals impressive views of the Australian metropolis.

12. Blue Mountains / New South Wales

Blue Mountains NSW Australia
Blue Mountains are located very close to the largest Australian metropolis – Sydney.

No matter how many places you have visited in your life and how many mountains you’ve ever seen – those which you will find in Australia are unique.

Blue Mountains are a wonderful place to escape from the heat, each year covering the continent.

Here you will find cool shade and fresh air away from the big city.

The colour of the mountains is actually slightly blue.

This is a result of eucalyptus trees which from a distance appear bluish.

13. Anzak Bridge / New South Wales

Anzak Bridge Sydney
Long more than 800 meters, the Anzak Bridge is one of the biggest attractions of Australia.

This is a cable-stayed bridge with concrete columns which rise to about 120 meters.

Bridge piers are two and are similar of turned upside down Latin letter  “V”.

It must be added that for a city like Sydney, which is built among the water like Venice and St. Petersburg bridges, are extremely needed element of urban infrastructure.

14. Bondi Beach / New South Wales

Bondi Beach
Bondi is one of the most beautiful urban beaches in Australia.

It is extremely impressive with its picturesque location.

Perfect for sunbathing, swimming and surfing, Bondi is the best place for entertainment and to get cooler in the hot summer days, when temperatures can reach 40 degrees.

15. Manly Beach / New South Wells

Manly is one of the most attractive places to live in Sydney.

It represents a peninsula that separates the bay from the open ocean.

There are two beaches – one facing the bay and one facing the Pacific.

Since into the ocean are often high waves this place is perfect for surfing, while the bay waters are calm even in windy weather.

16. Pink Lake / Western Australia

Located near the shores of the Great Australian Bight, Pink Lake is a unique natural phenomenon.

What is most interesting is the unique pink colour of the salt lake, which is the reason for its name.

It is considered that this colour is a result of algal species that thrive in its waters.

17. Russell Waterfall / Tasmania

Russell Falls is considered to be one of the most beautiful all over Australia.

It is located in Мt Field National Park amidst fresh and cool fern forests of Tasmania.

The place has a strong relaxing effect and energizes all who visit it.

This is one of the most unspoiled areas in Australia.

18. Kings Canyon / Northern Territory

kings canyon northern territory
Steep fiery red gorges, scarce desert vegetation, unique wildlife.

All this is Kings Canyon.

It is believed to be one of the most beautiful canyons in the world and it is not surprising.

It is located in Australia which is regarded as perhaps the oldest land on the planet.

Tourism opportunities here are diverse, but the most pleasant experience is to bathe in one of the crystal clear springs in the desert area.

This is a good way for salvation from 40 degree heat in the area.

19. Kangaroo Island / South Australia

Kangaroo Island is one of the biggest attractions on the continent.

Its pure and unspoiled nature combined with incredible Mediterranean radiation make the island one of the top destinations of Australia.

Here you can enjoy the delicious seafood and traditional Australian scenery on one hand off the shores of the State of South Australia.

20. McКenzie Lake / Queensland

This lovely place is located in the heart of the sandy Fraser Island.

Hardly is to find other lake in the world that is more suitable for swimming and sunbathing in comparison with this paradise.

Its waters are extremely clean and transparent.

Around the lake have formed beaches of fine white sand.

Sometimes tourists come here for a swimming or sunbathing, but the place is usually pretty quiet and calm.

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